Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Party over here, Party over there!

I don't know that I've ever let so many days go between blog posts. I find myself wondering if you all were relieved or if you checked everyday longing for my next post.... probably the first one!

Things have been so busy this past week. We had Cullen's first birthday party last Saturday. I'll elaborate on that in a second. I've also been packing boxes and dealing with a sick kid. We're going to be moving out this weekend! YAY! My goal for moving out was to get rid of a lot of junk, but for some reason I have all these boxes and it doesn't look like I've made a dent in the stuff in this house. SIGH. Granted a lot of these boxes are clothes. Thank heavens our new closet it bigger... I'll post pictures after we move so you can see the new digs.

Slaten hasn't been feeling well this week and oh my sanity I've wanted to pull all my hair out. I know what you're saying, "Have some compassion!" Well after being cried at all day and all night by two very whiny children I lost it somewhere along the way. I had him crying during the day and Cullen crying all through the night (with his teeth I presume) I just wanted to cry myself. So one solution we tried was putting Cullen in his crib. He didn't like it. But I got him to sleep at around 2:30 night before last and he stayed in there until sweet husband went to work at 5:30. Last night I started him off in there and he cried for over an hour (not the whole time... he was content when I was standing there rubbing his belly, but heaven forbid I move). He finally dozed off and stayed in there until 2 am. I was too tired to fight him back to sleep so I drug him into our room. Baby steps my friends, baby steps. So anyway, Slaten is finally feeling better and he's back to his habitual whining.

So now on to the FUN stuff. Cully's party was a blast! It was MONSTER themed. Of course I made monster masks for all the guests to wear and even baby monster feet! The bigger kids didn't want to wear them, but some of the ones too little to object gave them a try.
My nephew in his monster feet.

We had snacks and candy. Yes I sugared up every ones children and then sent them home Mwahhahahaha! *Evil friend laugh* Though I think the adults might have enjoyed the treats more so than the kids! They were having a blast running around playing together.
Some of the goodies.

We had planned to play pin the nose on the Monster, but the kids were so content with the worm balloons that I said "Ah forget it". Here's where things got a little wild. Pretty much all of our friends have boys and that makes for some crazy times when they all get in one room. Slaten had THE best time.

Cullen got so many fantastic presents! He is loving everything so much. He got a baby that is the same size as him and he likes to poke his eyes and say, "Baby, baby!" He got clothes (thank goodness) and a pillowpet! Plus a bunch of toys.

Love this! My friend Crystal knows me so well.

He was so excited about his pillowpet.

Cully wasn't too sure about the cake... he liked the chocolate kisses on it, but he's not my sweets baby. Don't you worry though! Big brother and his best buddy Dane helped him out with the cake.

I made a banner of Cully's first year. I think it turned out cute. I can't believe how much he's grown...

We had so much fun and I am thankful for such wonderful friends and their amazing kids. It's so exciting to know that our little guys are going to be friends for life. I just wish we all could get together more often!! So now that the birthday party is behind us we can focus on moving this weekend and then on Christmas next weekend! Cully turns 1 on Saturday so we'll have to set some time aside from moving to have a special treat in celebration of such a sweet little guy. I thank God everyday for such fantastic little boys. I am so richly blessed.

Please enjoy some pictures of some spectacular monsters that attended the party!

Kyle and Matthew

Slaten and Dane

Uncle Midoo

Loni and Hodge

Precious Hudson

Honey and Pops

Aunt Carrie

Robbie, Kerri, and Seth

Jesi, Kyle, and Jack Jack

John, Christen, and Camden

Dane, Dana, and Daniel

Justin, Kash, and Crystal

Paw Paw

My Monster Family

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dancin, Dancin Slaten

My little boys LOVE babydolls. My mom gave Slaten a baby for Christmas a couple of years ago and he loves to take care of him. Some people seem to think it odd for a boy to have a baby doll (sweet husband was one of them at first), but shoot most little boys will grow up and one day become daddies so why wouldn't they like babies?!?

Last night I was cleaning out some toys to pack (*whispers* and throw away). Slaten was pulling stuff out from under his bed and he found his baby. He was walking around talking to him and then he said, "Baby's hungry". So he pulled up his shirt and stuck that baby doll right to his chest. I needed to get the camera for blackmail, but didn't think about it in time. I asked him what his baby's name was and he had to think about it for a while. First he decided to name him "Baby Jesus", but then he changed it to Reuben. He told me, "Reuben is a boy and when we went to the doctor he weighed 22 oz!" So he's been taking good care of Reuben. Changing his diaper, patting his back when he cries, and he even played peek-a-boo in the mirror with him. He held him up the mirror and said, "Say baby, say baby!!" He's going to be an excellent daddy one day.

So tomorrow is Cully's first birthday party. I need to do more cleaning, but it's hard to get anything done with two little boys following me around making messes behind me. I can't tell you how many hot wheels I have picked up over and over. My house used to stay so clean when it was just me and sweet husband. I could clean once a week and it would stay that way. Now I clean one room, go clean another, and then come back to clean the first one again *sigh*. I try to only clean when I have to.. like people coming over for a birthday party. So please never come over unannounced.. I may not let you in. Cullen's room has become our storage room for packed boxes. I was going to try to start making him nap in there, but I guess that will just have to wait until we move. Yes my almost one year old sleeps in my room, what?!?

My Slaten really likes to dance. He is an awesome break dancer, no doubt. I have this little song I sing and he just starts dancing away. It's okay when it's just us, but rather embarrassing if anyone else hears me sing it. It goes, "Slatey, Slatey dancin, Slate, Slatey dancin. Slatey Slatey dancin, Slate, Slatey dancin. Slaten's a good dancer, he's a good dancer, Slaten's a good dancer, he's a good dancer." I sing it over and over and he shakes his booty so hard. I would record it, but I don't want anyone hearing me sing that.... I think he's the only one who appreciates my singing. Sweet husband always says, "Shhhh" when I start singing. I don't know what he's trying to say... Sometimes he changes the station if I start singing a song. He acts like he's trying to find something else, but I think he has other motives. For now I will enjoy that my little boys appreciate my singing. I'm sure it won't be too long until they're shushing me too.

Well I guess this house isn't going to clean itself. I should clean up those smooshed up cookies and wipe the ranch off the table, but first please enjoy some pictures! We decided not to put our tree up since we're moving, but I couldn't stand not seeing Christmas lights so we hung them around the front living room. Classy, I know :)

Mmmm M&Ms

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chomp, Chomp.

Well Cully has his first tooth. I found out the hard way... OUCH. He sure thought it was funny. And to think people pierce those on purpose......

I can't believe that he's going to be a year old in less than 2 weeks now. I know I say that a lot, but this year has flown by so fast. I'm excited about his party. I think I've gotten everything I need.. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I won't realize it until 10 minutes before the party starts. That's how my life goes.

So Friday night Slaten went to spend the night with Honey and Pops (aka my mom and dad). It was a much needed break for probably both of us. The sass did not end after my blog post Thursday... it only got worse! Poor Sweet Husband had to put in a 15 hour work day so that left me alone with sassy pants and teething baby. I ended up getting a pencil thrown at me and I was told that he didn't want me to live here anymore, just daddy. After several reassuring texts from my mom that I am not ruining his life at 3 and that he does indeed love me, I felt better. We tried to stay awake to see daddy before bedtime, but I just couldn't deal with the sass so I put Slaten to bed. Sweet Husband was finally able to come home at 11:15 pm.

While Slaten was at my parents Friday night he said he wanted to spend the night with his mommy. Aww he does love me!!

Well Hussy mouse is still in the house! Yep you guessed it... we have another hole in the dishwasher hose. So this will be the 3rd time we fix it. This mouse is apparently really smart too. We put 4, count 'em, 4 traps under the sink and dishwasher and haven't caught anything!! SIGH. Thankfully we are getting so close to moving! The floors are almost completely done! They look so good.

I'd better be productive with the rest of my mommy time. I have presents to wrap, boxes to pack, and crafts to finish for the birthday party!! I should make a list...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sassy Pants

There are two reasons I am thankful I do not have a daughter. Reason #1: I would be in some serious debt because there are way too many cute little girl clothes and toys. Reason #2: If I had to deal with any more sassiness in this household I would go insane in the membrane.

So I woke up this morning to get everybody ready to take Slaten to preschool. I started off my morning by coughing up a lung in the bathroom which woke up my sweet little Cullen. He was in such a good mood. I went to put his clothes on and then Slaten woke up. Slaten was in rare form. He kept saying, "I don't want to go to preschool. I hate preschool." I hate when he says hate.. I try not to say it around him too much, but you never realize how much you say something until you try to quit. I had to explain that no matter how bad he didn't want to go, we were going and he would have a good time like he always does. I got him dressed and grabbed his winter coat since it was really chilly out.

Now if you know Sweet husband well enough, you know that he loves jackets, coats, fleeces, hoodies.. all the winter essentials. Well he's now passed this obsession on to our 3 year old. He saw his coat and said, "Oh it's my North Face jacket." (It's not). He then had to show me all the little details about his coat... just like daddy.
"Here is the zipper and the hood. It has these little strap things and these buttons."
He cracks me up. SO after he showed me every detail I was finally able to put the thing on him, only to walk 5 feet to the car and take it off because he won't fit in his seat with it on.

On the drive to school we continued our argument about going to preschool. He started to get REALLY sassy so I said, "You better watch that sassy mouth!" He then said to me, "I am sick of this! I am tired of fighting!!" Wow... Really Slaten?!? I couldn't help but laugh. He sounds like such a little adult sometimes. And no he didn't learn that from mommy and daddy... I honestly have no clue where he learned that. We finally arrived at our destination and waited in the car line. He got out of his seat and sat up front with me until it was his turn to get out of the car. He then said, "I'm not going in there."
I said, "You have to. You're going to have fun. You haven't seen your friends since before Thanksgiving."
He said, "You've ruined my life!!"

What?!? Now I knew I'd have moments like this when he was say.. 15.. but 3?!? I've already ruined his life?? What a bad mommy sending him to preschool. I laughed so hard. When he got out of the car he was so mad. He stomped as hard as he could all the way into the building. I just smiled because it wasn't going to be me who had to deal with his sassiness for the next 4 hours (insert evil mommy laugh here). Luckily when I picked him up I wasn't pulled aside for the dreaded "Your child is a problem child" talk. I guess his attitude changed once he was with his friends.

Well now he's awake. Hopefully a nap did him some good!