Thursday, March 31, 2011

RANDOM Thursday

Here it is
Random Thursday!

1. So I haven't been able to talk Sweet Husband in to setting up the fish tank yet, BUT he did agree to me getting a peacock. I'm going to hold him to it! I will have pretty feathers in my yard one day!

2. Today I went and bought 50 baby bass from 2 men driving a truck filled with fish. It was something I never would have thought I'd experience. I could almost see the thoughts written on the man's face as he talked with his dangling cigarette with the ash 1 inch long, "Stupid woman, this is a man's job. You probably don't even know how to catch a fish let alone buy the right kind." There were a couple of dead fish in my bag.. my daddy made them give me extra. Nah Nah na boo boo!

3. I love sausage, egg, and cheese wraps from Jacks.

4. I let my kid wear the same clothes 2 days in a row. But he really loves his new motorcycle shirt and I didn't do laundry this week so.....

5. When shows decide to have a "musical" episode it makes me uncomfortable. I don't watch Grey's, but just seeing the clips makes me cringe a bit. I get embarrassed when people sing that aren't famous singers. I don't really understand that one..

6. I have had 3 dreams this week about people dying. It's kind of wigging me out. I better not be psychic.

7. There are goldfish crushed in the rug, dishes with dinner still on them from last night, and toys all over the place and I.don' I don't feel like doing anything today so I probably won't. Laziness at it's finest.

8. There was a lady at chick fil a yesterday with a little baby and I was silently relieved it wasn't me.

9. BUT as I rocked Cullen for nap this morning it made me sad that in a few months he probably wouldn't want to be rocked anymore and then I will have no baby to rock. Sad. but also fantastic because I'll be less crazy the older he gets... well maybe.

10. I made Matthew quit playing on the computer last night to come lay in bed with me and tell me how much he loves me. He might think I'm a bit of a nutbar, but he does what I ask because he's just fantastic like that. Tonight I'm going to push for a back rub... wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Luck Surviving Here

Here is something you may not know about me.  I love plants, but always kill them and I love pets, but I never take care of them. Thankfully I'm much better with our children. Here is how most of our "pet" conversations go:

I really, really want a bunny.

Not a chance.

But why?! They're so cute and you can get a rescued one that is liter box trained.

Are you going to empty it's liter box?

Of course.

I mean change it every time, not just the first week we have it.


No, you can't have a bunny.

But whhhyyy?

Because I don't want a pet bunny and I would be the one to have to pet, feed, and clean up after it.

But they poop little balls. Super easy to clean up.



He knows me too well. We have 2 dogs and 1 fish. I refuse to go outside and feed the dogs. I'll glady throw them scraps now and then, but I won't get the dog food or water their bowls. I will however feed the fish! I do that every night. But I won't clean out his bowl. I let Sweet Husband do that.

So here's what I'm wondering. What are the chances of me talking him into setting up the big fish tank in Cullen's room... It's 35 gallons and it's really cool looking. I really want to set it up because I found pirate accessories at the pet store today and that would be PERFECT for my little pirate's room. I have a feeling he's going to say no so I'm wondering if I should wait until I've fixed his favorite meal or maybe I'll let him go fishing and then be all, "Hey, since you love fish so much how about we set that tank up. I promise I'll take care of the fish." Which we all know I won't, but maybe it'll work, maybe.

Here's the list of animals he's vetoed:
Pygmy goat
Sugar Glider
Baby Giraffe

He's such a fuddy duddy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lonely Nights

Okay, so I don't like 2nd shift... or 3rd shift for that matter. I don't see how you wives handle it. It made me want to lose my mind. Last week Sweet Husband had to work 3:30-1:30 on Wednesday and Thursday and midnight to almost 8 am on Saturday morning. It was nice having him home during the day. Almost like a little treat to be able to be with him, but then that sweet little treat would get snatched away come mid afternoon nap.

Do you know how hard it is to sleep without someone beside you if you have for the past almost 7 years?!? I really noticed just how many sounds this house makes. I mean I am positive a murderer was trying to get in to me. I heard the noises. And Freddy Krueger was trying to come up my vent in the floor because I heard him scratching and there is one thing I learned when I was little... Freddy Krueger and The Devil come up through floor vents. I resisted the urge to call Sweet Husband every time the floor squeaked and I may or may not have slept with a medievall weapon under my bed. It looks like this. Don't mess with me.

Each night I'd finally fall asleep around midnight only to hear, "Mommy, mommy, mommy! Can I get in the bed with you??!?" Ended up all three nights with two little tykes in the bed with me. Nothing like having feet in your ribs AND your back at the same time. They did make me feel a little safer. Not sure what a 3 year old and 15 month old could do if the murderer had been able to get in, but it made me feel better. I guess my booby traps worked because nobody murdered us and I think I scared Freddy Krueger away when I turned up the Disney Channel. I bet you didn't know Freddy's scared of Hannah Montana did you? Or maybe it's just her voice that annoys him.. either way he never came up the vent.

Thankfully Sweet Husband is back to his normal schedule and I can go back to waking him up in the middle of the night to get the baby and asking him every time I hear a noise, "Did you hear that... I think you need to go check the doors while I lay here. If you scream I'll call 911 and grab the fireplace poker."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Thursday

Okay, so you guys know I like lists and I like random facts and I really like lists of random facts soooo I am going to deem this day Random Thursday.

1st Edition

  1. I really am very much addicted to spray paint. I went out to the barn to find things to spray paint only to come back to the house and realize I was out of spray paint. I was so sad. I almost, almost woke up the kids to take a trip back to Walmart just to get some... I didn't do it.

   2.   I can't decide if I should be blond or brunette.

   3.   I think I might also be a thrift store addict. I want to go all the time and when I'm not there I'm thinking of things I hope are there the next time I go... I blame my mother. She is a recovering thrift store addict, but I think I could be causing her to go into a relapse.

  4.  I'm terrible at doing laundry. So much so that Sweet Husband ends up having to rewash and re dry almost every load I do. And if by some off chance I do get it washed and dried it usually sits in a laundry basket for a good 3 days before I finally wad it up and shove it in a drawer.

 5. I HATE to iron. That is why my family is always wrinkled. I know I should be embarrassed by the way we look sometimes, but I'm not. If something is too wrinkled to be saved by a go round in the dryer then I will change my outfit... no ironing.

 6.  At the moment I'm really into "Nautical" clothing. So much so that I bought 3 striped shirts the other day... all blue stripes. Excessive, yes. Nautically prepared, very much so.

 7. I made my first batch of brownies from scratch with icing also from scratch tonight. For the first time I didn't under or overcook brownies. I'm so proud.

 8. For the first time in 5 months all of my appliances are pretty much working. *Knock on wood* I say pretty much because the dryer has to be ran twice to get the clothes dry, but I think we'll just start using our old dryer to fix that problem. The main thing is I'm not hand washing dishes anymore WOOHOO!!

 9. Every time I watch Oprah I want to cry. Even if it's not sad. I think it's the music choices they pick. It makes every little thing seem really important and life changing. This is why I don't like to watch Oprah anymore.

 10.  Speaking of laundry... I currently have 3 baskets sitting on my couch to be folded. Everything is all clean except those 3 baskets and I just can't seem to muster the energy to fold those clothes. Oh well. There's always tomorrow, or the next day, or the next....

So there ya have it. My first Random Thursday list. Even though Thursday is almost over. Better late than never.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She Called Me a Slacker!

GAH, Kate you're such
 a stink'n slacker!!
That's what my sister in law told me today about my blog.

Okay, she didn't really say that, but I knew what she meant. So I am stating my apology right now to all 10 of my followers. Please forgive me for my brief hiatus from the blog world. I've been quite the busy bee. I've been thrifting and crafting and most importantly SPRAY PAINTING! Yes, I do have a small addiction and yes, I might walk around my house trying to find things that have yet to be spray painted just so I can get my little "high" of the day. No, not from sniffing the fumes..... well maybe, but only because I always seem to stand down wind from where I'm pointing the nozzle.

Today Sweet Husband got to see me in thrifting mode. He might possibly thing I'm a nutbar, but he'll soon see I can be crafty and make junk cool... or he'll see the garbage can full from my "crafts" either way I'll make him happy. I had a few items in my buggy when he met me at the thrift store today: a lamp, a very ugly lampshade (it's possible this one ended up in the garbage because it didn't work out quite like I had hoped), a glass pendant shade, 2 birdcages, and a car and toy gun.. those aren't part of my crafting. I really, really wanted this cool table, but I have NOWHERE to put it so he said no. Sad face.

So did you people ever think to hem your jeans?? Well let me tell you I have never thought about it, but today I took 2 pair and maybe finally I will have jeans that are short enough for these stubs I like to call legs. I'm pretty stink'n excited about that. I've found that I don't wear heels as much and the reason is because I can't walk normally since having kids. So all my long jeans have become rather useless. I don't wear heels because my balance seems off... as does my eyesight. I had to buy reading glasses. Reading glasses people!! I'm about to be 25, not 50! Jeez. Oh well Sweet Husband thinks they're cute, Slaten says he hates them, and I like them because they remind me of Garth from Wayne's World.

Sorry this blog is all over the place, but I'm trying to catch up on America's Next Top Model while I type this out. I'm critiquing all the girls because I know I'd be soooo much better than all of them. I mean really. Okay.. maybe I'm watching because I'm living vicariously through these girls. sigh. whatev.

Anyway I'll leave you now with some of my new "re-dos" in case any of you are interested. 

Before. Drab.

After. Oh yeah.

Stencil on top

Book Art

I finally made my curtains!!

I also painted my mantel... and some sticks

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Here it is! Tuesday's Awkward and Awesome post.


Almost getting mine and Slaten's haircut at Walmart. Not because it's getting your haircut at walmart.. that part doesn't bother me (I mean hello, you can get anything at Walmart. Why shouldn't you be able to get a haircut). What bothers me is the fact that while you get your haircut all the people out to buy their groceries stare in at you looking your best with hair all in your face and your child screaming his head off like someone is slowly pulling each hair out of his head.

Not getting my haircut at Walmart and instead going to a beauty parlor.. like for real beauty parlor and the nice lady commenting on how she can't believe it's been a year since So and So died. To which I replied "Hmm". So she either thinks that I'm either inconsiderate to so and so's death or I'm a complete idiot because I had no clue who she was talking about.

The old lady at Chick fil a yesterday that walked by our table and announced to all of us that she was, "Going to the bathroom to tee tee before she goes home". TMI.... But when she came back by she was all cute and witty about losing her husband and wondering if we thought she could find her another one. I kind of wanted to take her home with me.

Letting my kid fall out of a buggy and having a Hobby Lobby employee run to help and yell "What happened?!?" as my child yells his lungs out. "Hey everybody at Hobby Lobby we're here. If you didn't know it before, you do now." SIDE NOTE: He was fine a soft plastic thing actually broke his fall so he didn't hit straight on the floor, but it did scare him. I will take that Mother of the Year award now, Thank you.

Asking someone a question about a game that you clearly know all the rules to, but they misunderstand your question and end up telling you all the rules to the game Marco Polo... I guess I should have just stayed blond.


Making 3 necklaces in one day. Booyah that's what I'm talking about.

Slaten getting his hair cut without shedding one tear. That's more like an awesome Miracle. It never happens and I gladly paid for that over priced haircut.

The remote to my new fan in the bedroom. I just lie there and play with it. Dimmer lights? I think so. Whew I'm hot, let's just bump that fan up a notch. It's fantastic.

Cullen actually saying the words, "Love you". How stink'n precious is that?!?!?

My tables in my living room that I made all shabby chic and cool.

So that's my awkward and awesome moments for this Tuesday. Here's to another awkward and awesome week!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monster Angels

Things change when you become a parent. If you have children you know what I mean and if you don't well DON'T have kids! Ha just kidding.. unless you'd be an unfit parent, then seriously don't. So I got to thinking about what things were like before we brought these monsters sweet angels into our lives.

Things I miss:

Going to the bathroom alone. Going to the bathroom in a public place without having to ask someone to not lick the bathroom stall door. Basically just being able to go to the bathroom when one pleases and not have to worry about supervising what's being touched while you're in there or what nonflushable item has been shoved down the toilet when you turned around for one second.

Being able to take a shower when I want. Now I have to coordinate my showers around nap time or I have to bring a very grabby toddler into the shower with me. Have you ever had someone turn extremely hot water on you only to then have the cold turned all the way on immediately after? Yeah, not my idea of a good time either.

Sleep. I actually don't remember what a full night's sleep feels like. I think it was nice? I seemed to really enjoy it so I wouldn't mind getting that back.

Grocery shopping when all the items I put in my buggy make it home with me. Usually I end up with items I've picked up either being thrown over the side or secretly placed back on shelves when I get the buggy a little too close to a shelf.  Last item I needed was a Birthday card that never made it to the check out line. I was too exhausted from the constant bending to pick up everything that was hauled over the side to walk back and get another one.

Car rides when I can sing at the top of my lungs. Now I'm told to be quiet and that I'm too loud. Pshh too loud? Is there a too loud when Pat Benatar is on??

Being able to do things like buy new reading glasses or cut my hair without being told I look bad. Thank you very honest 3 year old, now I have insecurities...

Silence. I really do miss this one. I really like to have quiet time and that seems hard to find between the 2 of them.

Things that I'd miss if I didn't have kids:

Baby hugs and kisses. I mean seriously is there anything sweeter than an open mouth tongue on your face slobber kiss?? No, I don't think so.

Bedtime stories. I can read all the kid books I want and nobody will think that odd because of course I'm reading them to my 3 year old... yeah, I mean I'm not just sitting there reading them alone, laughing out loud... no, no not me....

Feeling Proud. I've never felt so proud as I do when I see or hear my kids do something awesome. They are so incredibly smart and I can't imagine not ever feeling like a proud momma. I know I cheese so big whenever anyone comments on Cullen's big blue eyes or on how articulate Slaten is.

Hanging out at home. This was never fun before kids. We always had to be on the go, but now I look forward to evenings where it's just me and my little family hanging out, watching movies, or playing outside.

Messes. Well this one could also go under the thing I miss about before kids... but there's just something about walking into the living room and seeing all those toys spread about. It just reminds me of how lucky I am.

A love for my husband that is so much deeper than it was before we had kids. Something about seeing him as a daddy just made me fall even further in love.

I'm so insanely lucky to have such a wonderful little family. Sure there are things I miss from my life before kids, but I wouldn't change a thing. These 2 little guys hold my heart and I thank God that I am their mommy.  Even if I can't get a bathroom break alone.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

So I'm totally stealing this idea from a cute little blog I follow called "Little Miss Momma" and she totally stole this idea from another blog she follows. It's just a whole bunch of thievery, but a whole lot of fun.

This is my first edition of Awkward and Awesome.
Let us begin shall we???


Wearing blue jeans that the zipper refuses to stay up on. You know why this is awkward. Who doesn't secretly love seeing people caught with their zipper down?? Well buddy I was that person today.

Trying to talk to someone when your eye is twitching. "No sir, I am not winking at you... it's just my eye..." I hate that feeling.

Not noticing all your hot pink lipstick has wiped off except the part around the edge of your lips... classy. I have a love/hate relationship with my hot pink lipstick because of this.

Bending down to pick something up and feeling your shirt come up in the back and your pants go down.. Sorry people shopping at Walmart... didn't mean to give you a "show" today.

Seeing someone you know and when you stop and smile they don't even realize you are there so you're just standing there grinning like a big idiot. Oh well I didn't really want to say hi anyway....

Listening to someone explain something to you and you have no idea what they are saying and then they ask you your opinion. Then you say, "Do what?" and the whole process starts back over again.


Being able to shave because I finally bought a new razor and shaving cream. YES!!!

Cullen actually letting me buy groceries today and not throwing every single item out of the cart... granted he threw a few, but I made it home with everything this time.

Sewing my curtains together. They aren't finished, but they're that much closer!!

Sampling every snack item I bought at the store today. Speaking of I think everything needs to be sampled just one more time.

It's almost time for Sweet Husband to get home. I sure do miss him while he's at work.

Having almost 2 hours of quiet time to shower and catch up on my blogging... almost 2 hours because now Slaten is awake and after that very loud crash he just made by falling Cullen will be awake shortly too...

So there it is. My first edition of Awkward and Awesome. I hope you enjoyed and if not.. well I really don't care that much. I only have 10 followers..... ;)

Oh by the way... if you haven't already go and check out my Etsy shop and buy something because I could use the money and you know you need a new necklace. Okay, thanks!