Monday, February 28, 2011

Twitchy Eye

So this is Dirt Girl

She is insanely creepy.. and addicting. She has human eyes and a human mouth and she speaks with a very strong British accent. Her left eye twitches wildly and her mouth is always wide open. She gives me the willies, yet I just set my DVR to record her show because I'm strangely curious about her...

Anyways, as most of you who are my friends on crack facebook know I am making jewelry now. I try to make at least one necklace a day and that is seriously cutting into my blogging time. My apologies to those who care. I'm hoping to open my Etsy shop when I hash out the details about shipping and come up with a snazzy name. I use a lot of flowers and buttons for my jewelry so I was trying to incorporate that into the name. I came up with "Flower Petals and Button Holes", but that just didn't sound nice so scratch that one... So I'm still thinking on that.

Since I have a tendency to get obsessed with anything new I try I've been diligently looking for unique buttons I can incorporate into my jewelry. So I spend a lot of time online scoping out buttons. Sweet Husband thinks I'm so weird. I keep trying to convince him that I'll make the money back that I'm spending,  but truthfully I'm  just obsessed and probably won't even sell anything because that's my luck. But I'll have a lot of new necklaces!! Here are a few of my favorites

So I think I'll go on my way and make another necklace while little Cully naps and before I get blown away my a tornado. Now go to YouTube and watch a video of Dirt Girl... I know you want to. ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things you should know

So it was pointed out to me last night via text that I have become quite the slacker with my blog postings. I won't name names because she really didn't call me a slacker at all! I did. She made me feel super good because she told me she really enjoys the useless things I have to say (again my words not hers). But she knows who she is and I just wanted to give her a shout out and say Thanks! Thank you for reading my useless words and finding me mildly entertaining. You really did make my night :)

I like random facts. I like finding out things about people that are really of little importance and I like laughing at them behind their backs... haha just kidding, just kidding. I like to find out their fears, what makes them happy, favorites.. just all the random stuff. So in my head I assume you all care about my randoms so I'm going to tell them to you. If you don't care then apparently this is your first time reading my blog because I'm full of random. Moving on....

I am deathly afraid of lightning. To the point if we have to run from the car to the house I will leave my children in the car and run as fast as I can inside and let Sweet Husband get them out on his own. Kate, why are you so scared you might ask. Well let me tell you. My cousin was struck by lightning through the water facet in my grandparents old house and my sister in law's cousin was almost struck by lightning too. (Don't worry they are both still kicking to this day). So it all seems a little too close to home and things happen in 3's so I just know I'm next.

Ekkk isn't that scary?!?!

I am also very afraid of fireworks. Sure they're pretty and I like them... when I'm inside a house looking through a window while hiding behind a very large piece of furniture. I don't know where this fear stemmed from, but I do know that I will be the one to be hit in the face by a random firework if it were to happen.

I'm really freaked out by hair. Not if it's connected to some one's head, but if there is a stray hair floating around I kind of want to throw up. My sister in law knows this and she use to torture me by putting stray hairs on me when I wasn't looking. She'd laugh, I'd cry. It was all fun.

I have never had a cavity. Unless I have one now and I don't realize it, but to my knowledge nope, never.

I have never broken a bone.. well maybe my pinkie toe, but that doesn't really count because it's little and hardly a bone.

I like to keep my nails short. Long nails might actually go under the "freak me out" column. Something about them being able to scratch my eyes out... I don't know.

I can't do the "come here" motion with my right pointer finger. It pops to the side and would more accurately be the "come to your right and then to me" motion.

I have a tattoo on my lower back of a moon with a halo over it. Don't ask me why. I don't know. I thought it was cute and I was obsessed with moons at the time. I told you when I get obsessed it's hard core. I forget it's there until someone points it out to me. It use to be bigger, but then it shrank. Or I got bigger, but I'm going to go with it shrank.

I miss my nose ring. I took it out for a job and it grew up before I got home that afternoon. However, I don't miss yanking it out with my towel by accident. Ouch.

My favorite chips are Sour Cream and Cheddar.

I don't like the way sour cream and cheddar chips make my breath smell.

If it weren't weird I would wear aprons out and about because I think they are adorable and one day I'm going to wear pearls and an apron all day and pretend I'm June Cleaver. I will also say things like "Golly Gee Whiz".

I don't wash my face everyday and I NEVER take my makeup off before bed.

Sometimes I pretend I have to go to the bathroom just so I can go shut the door and read and not have someone in my face at all times. I think Sweet Husband might be on to me though..

Fran Drescher makes me mad. When The Nanny comes on I instantly get in a bad mood and I usually don't realize why I'm mad until I look at the TV.

Just looking at this makes my blood start to boil. Grrr.

I think Pink's "Raise your glass song" is really stupid. It also makes me mad.

One of my all time favorite songs is "Fade to Black" by the Rolling Stones. Also on my favorite songs list "The Year 2000" by Silverchair.

I think that Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison were both very beautiful. Apparently I like the long hair, unshowered look. (Sweet Husband use to have long hair *sigh* so pretty).


I don't like to wear the color Pink. I think it's too girly and I feel very self conscious if I ever do wear it. Isn't that strange?

I also would not wear red as a blonde. Now that I'm brunette I'm more open to the idea.

My favorite movie of all time is Willy Wonka and I annoy my kids by quoting the whole thing. Charlie Bucket's hair annoys me though.

Funny hair

SO there are some random facts you probably didn't know about me. Don't you feel like you know me so much better now?!? ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage

Everybody knows that feeling of falling in LOVE. You think about that person every waking minute and sometimes even in your dreams. You as an individual completely changes. Every decision you make instantly changes to, "What would _____ think if I did this, or wore this, or went here." You put your best face forward and always make sure to look your best to always impress that one you love. It's mushy and gushy and usually annoyingly nauseating to those around you. But it feels good.

I sat here last night looking at my Sweet Husband and started thinking about what it was like when we first started dating. We were so insanely head over heels for each other and we were so mushy gushy nauseating and we didn't care one bit. We did everything possible to impress each other and it worked because we got married.. obviously. But another thing I got to thinking about was the things I didn't know about Sweet Husband until after we were married. So I've compiled a list of things I've learned over the past *almost* 7 years of marriage.


1. He likes to sleep on the right side of the bed. I never really cared which side I got when we got married, but he had a preference.

2. He thinks a towel is perfectly acceptable attire for sitting around at home. This one remains in the neutral column unless we have company.

3. He likes the room completely dark at night. Again I really had no preference so that was fine with me,

4. After most dinners he eats a bowl of cereal. Yet still stays just as skinny as ever... stupid lucky genes.

5. He picks all of his food. He's the only person I have ever seen actually pick apart a cookie.


1. Sweet Husband does not know how to use a dirty clothes hamper. Even if I moved it to the middle of the room his dirty clothes would still some how miss their mark. I've heard that this seems to be a normal "husband" thing.

2. If I clean a sink he will shave in it. Every. Single. Time.

3. He likes to cuddle when he's sick. I don't like to cuddle when I'm sick, nor do I like touching sick people so he loses at that one.

4. He takes longer than me to get ready which results in us being late most places. It's not that he's vain or anything... just slow and easily distracted.

5. He really loves pasta. Okay so this one is bad for him more so than me, but I listed it because I have to listen to him talk about wanting pasta all the time. I do not like pasta and when I make it I usually sit with a look of disgust on my face which isn't pleasant for either of us.


1. I didn't know before we were married that he would continue to tell me that I'm beautiful every single day.

2. He does thoughtful things like picks me flowers out of the yard or finds me 4 leaf clovers when I can't seem to find my own. (Maybe it's the Irish in him, but the boy can find a 4 leaf clover just by looking at the grass. It's freakishly amazing).

3. He likes to cuddle in his sleep and he can also be talked into things like getting up and getting the baby when he's asleep. I use that to my advantage most nights.

4. I didn't know he'd be such a fantastic father to our children. Okay, I had an idea, but never knew until I saw him hold our first baby boy and watched the love grow between the two of them.

5. He still calls me to say I love you during the day or just to check in on us and would much rather be with us than anyone else, anywhere. I figured he'd be tired of that by now.

I am so insanely lucky to have such an amazing man in my life and our love has changed over the years. I can't imagine my life without him in it, all of him. The good, the bad, and the neutral. Even after *almost*7 years of marriage I still learn new things about him and it just makes my love for him grow so much deeper. He's pretty fantastic ;)

While we were dating. (Such Babies!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Then I Don't Feel Soooo Bad.

So from now on I'm going to have to watch the names I choose for my blog posts. Apparently "Negative Nellies" must sit ill with some people because it ended up being the least viewed post I've ever had. Way to judge a blog post by it's cover  name...Hmm wonder how many of you missed out on my witty humor on that one??? Losers... Okay I'm not bitter.. not at all....

You may like raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages or warm wooly mittens, but those aren't really my style. So to keep with my Happy Attitude that isn't drug induced here is a list of some of my favoite things.
1. Elmer's Valentine candy. I prefer the pink and orange filled ones. I usually never eat the caramel and I secretly bought this kind for Sweet Husband this year mainly so I could eat it myself...

2. Long, quiet, hot showers. Besides naptime this is my 2nd favorite part of the day. I love being alone with my thoughts. I usually turn the fan on and lock the door to drown out the children crying "mommy, mommy." Ah bliss.

3. Birds. I love birds. I love decorating with bird stuff, I love listening to birds chirp, I love seeing them in my yard. Anything birds. I have a huge pecan tree outside my kitchen window and I can't wait for Spring because all you can hear are beautiful bird songs. I don't like bird poop however... that is my one dislike of birds.

4. Permanent Markers. I like the way they write and the way they smell.. apparently they taste good too. When I was little I sucked all the ink out of one... that might explain some things actually....

5. Books. This one is obvious from my other posts.

6. Car air fresheners. My car is always such a mess, but at least it smells good! My latest is called Beach something or nother and I thought it smelled like a man, but Sweet Husband opened my car door and the first thing out of his mouth was, "It smells like the beach in here." I guess it was packaged correctly after all..

7. Craft Blogs. This one is new and if you don't know me very well then you don't know that when I find something new that I like I become quite obsessive about it. This time is no exception. Ugh curse you Blog writers for having such fantastic ideas. I will now waste time and money trying to recreate all their ideas.

8. 58 cent donuts at Walmart. They are delicious. I like the chocolate iced ones, but I will only choose one if is at the back of the case on the top row because I don't want one covered in boogery snot hands... I don't trust things on kid level.

9. Bubble wrap. I love to pop it.. who doesn't?

10. Lemon flavored chapstick. I may or may not have licked my chapstick to see if it still tasted as good as it does on my lips. For some reason it didn't...

11. Fishing worms. Okay this one is going to be weird for some of you. I like to bite them. I don't eat them.. just bite them. It's weird and I have no reason for it, but I love the way it feels. Don't judge me.

12. Big, juicy pickles. Great now I really want a pickle..

13. Liquid eyeliner. It's awesome and I always want to use it to draw swirly designs around my eyes, but I worry about the looks I'd get.

14. The color purple. No not the book... the actual color. I think I read part of the book one time..It would not make my favorite list. Sorry Oprah.

15. Things that sparkle. No not Edward Cullen. Just sparkly things in general. They catch my eye and make me want to touch them. If it weren't gaudy I'd bedazzle all my clothes.

So these are a few of my favorite things. It's the little things in life.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Negative Nellies

Happy Valentine's Day! Or Happy Singles Awareness Day.... whichever.

Is it just me or are people really unhappy lately? I feel like half the status updates from my friend's on crack  facebook are so negative. Hey people CHEER UP! Instead of focusing on every bad little detail in your life why not focus on every good little detail?? We have so much to be thankful for. I understand having a bad day, believe you me, I do have days when I want to pull my hair out. Being a stay at home mom will do that to you. But I think your day will turn out how you decide it will turn out.

So I've been challenging myself to be positive no matter what my situation. Here are a list of some ways I've found the positive in some situations lately.

1. Cullen had a really bad diaper that resulted in my jacket getting poop on it. The positive: I got to change into another sweatshirt that was pink and was told that I looked beautiful. Thank you Slaten.

2. Cullen wrote on my wall with a crayon. The positive: I have free art on my wall now. It sort of looks like a heart and I didn't have to pay mega bucks for anyone to come do it.

3. My freezer is still broken. The positive: I only buy enough food that we can use in a couple of days and I end up having to cook the meat I buy because I can't just freeze it. Resulting in not eating out as much.

4. My dishwasher is broken. The positive: if the kids are bugging the snot out of me I tell Sweet Husband that I'm going to wash dishes and he has to watch the kids and keep them out of my way.

5. 4 people- 1 bathroom. Less room to clean? Yeah I don't have much on this one....

6. The vent covers aren't screwed down throughout the house. The positive: I get to go around and find little treasures that the boys have stashed inside them. Or if I can't find something small I know where to look first.

7. No cookie mix in the house. The positive: less calories.. though this one really does make me sad because we all know how I love me some baked goods.

8. My radio in my car is broken. The positive: I get to torture my kids with my beautiful singing voice with no background music to drown me out.

9. My kids drive me crazy and make me want to run away sometimes. The positive: They are beautiful and they love me. This morning Slaten woke up and said, "Mommy, everybody loves you. You're so cute!"

10. I stay at home. The positive: I get to stay at home.

See you can make the best out of any situation if you put your mind to it! I just want people to be happy and stop stressing over the little things. We are so blessed and we take so much for granted.

So let's stop being Negative Nellies and start trying to see the good in everything and everybody!!

Cullen's artwork

My little climber.

Sweet Husband and me.

SOO beautiful

Cullen swinging

Our Awesome tie dye cookies

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you want to destroy my sweater...

Today I took both kids for their first trip to the Library. Slaten LOVED it. I can't explain how uber excited I am at the possibility of raising a future nerd. He wanted to stay longer than we did, but Cullen was getting antsy in his stroller so we decided to book it (hehe get it "book it" man I'm funny). So Slaten picked out two books about trucks and those are the first books he has borrowed from a library. The librarian was talking to us as we checked out and Slaten kept shushing her and telling her she had to be quiet. At least he respects the rules of the library. I ended up with 4 books that I hope to finish before they're due back, but with Cullen around who knows if that will happen. It's like the minute I get a book in my hands his radar goes off that Mommy is trying to have quiet time and he comes and crawls all over me crying.

I had two books to return thus the reason we had to go today. I was about half way through with the second book so I was eager to finish it last night so I wouldn't have to recheck it out. I sat on the couch with my nose in that book for a good portion of the evening. Sweet Husband just doesn't understand my obsession with books and kept making comments about how it would be nice to sit and visit with me. I tried to explain that it was the same as me sitting there watching TV with him, but after answering him with nods and mmhmms to questions that didn't require a yes or no answer he didn't believe me. But I finished the book and was able to take it back, proud that I wasn't rechecking anything back out.

So things I like have starting to change... like maybe my sense of style for one. I use to never leave the house without makeup. Wouldn't be caught dead in a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Hair was never pulled back in a ponytail unless it was accessorized with a cute braid or something. Perhaps kids have changed me or perhaps I'm just getting older, but I am definitely over all of my "nevers".

Today I wore my "mom sweater" as Sweet Husband likes to call it. I think it's totally cool, but I guess I have a weird sense of style. Also I hardly ever wear makeup anymore. Shoot I'm lucky if I get to shower before I go out during the day. Now I do dress differently when we're going out as a family because I do want my Sweet Husband to have a little arm candy with him, but it seems I have traded my high heels in for ballet flats. The neckline of my shirts have gotten a little higher, the fit of my pants a little looser. So I will proudly wear my "Mom sweater" now because I think it's fine to be a little frumpy every now and then. I guess I'm not trying to impress anyone anymore. Sure I like to feel pretty from time to time, but that's more so I can hear Sweet Husband tell me I'm beautiful. Which he does everyday because he's pretty fantastic. :)

Here's a picture of my "Mom sweater"

So tonight I coach my first basketball game. I'm super nervous. So wish me luck! Enjoy some pictures of my kidlets before I go.