Sunday, August 28, 2011


I absolutely love to talk to someone who is
expecting a child or to someone who has yet to have children.
Why? You ask. Because they say things
that make me giggle.
Because I said the exact same things......
before I had kids.

"My child will never sleep in the bed with us" or "My child will only eat healthy foods, no junk for our precious pumpkin" or "If that were my child screaming in Walmart I'd let them have it and we'd leave" or "My child will never eat rabbit poop".

 I said all of these things at one point in my life. I thought because I had been a nanny several years and because I had worked in a couple of daycares that I'd have this parenting thing down to the "T". It was going to be super easy for me and my children were going to be the most well behaved, calm children with the best manners. Piece of cake. Right? Right??

Enter Child #1. Description: Very cute, red headed baby with colic and a cry so loud it made dogs howl. (Don't let his tininess fool you, he was loud).

 Two weeks into this mommy thing and my life began to unravel. Apparently it's not as easy when the child is yours and you can't hand it over and go home at the end of the day. Many times I called my mother crying because I didn't know what to do and I was obviously failing my baby. I mean if his own mother can't make him stop crying she must be inadequate?! So to make everyone happy and to make the dogs quiet down, he began sleeping in the bed with us, propped up on a boppy with me checking to make sure he was breathing every 5 minutes. Yep, it was a shameful moment of defeat for me. I had done the one thing I was strongly adamant that he wouldn't do. But we all got more sleep and that made everyone happy.

Baby #1 grows up a bit. Description: Very cute, red headed little boy with a sassy attitude and picky taste.

  So the little baby has grown into a little boy. Remember how I said he'd eat healthy foods? Veggie and fruits galore! Yeah..... so cheese is kind of healthy isn't it? He eats grilled cheese, cheese roll up, cheese on bread, and pizza with cheese...... Sigh. So go ahead and check that one off of my list.

Enter in Baby #2. Description: very bright blue eyes, beautiful, hot tempered little fella.

 Baby #2 is my boundary pusher. He likes to push as many buttons as possible. I have now been that mother with the screaming child in walmart, exhausting every effort to make the little guy happy just so I can finish grocery shopping. Meeting the glares from fellow shoppers while smiling nervously and trying not to cry. CHECK and check.

Baby #2 a little bit older
 Yeah so the whole not going to eat rabbit poop thing.... maybe I didn't quite say it in those words, but I failed that one too. I won't go into detail as I'm sure you can all imagine the horror and sickness I felt when I discovered that those weren't little chocolate morsels of yumminess... Okay enough of that. Check.

So I sit here and I giggle and I think oh you just wait with a little bit of satisfaction in knowing that I'm not going to be alone in this crazy world of parenting. I love to hear other parents talk about there, "I will never" moments and how they were ridiculously wrong as well. I'm learning to take most of my parenting expectations and throw them into the wind and just take it day by day. We're finding out what works best for us. I guess some would say I have a laidback style of parenting. I let my children jump on the furniture, feed them cookies for breakfast, and let them turn the whole bathroom into a splash zone. But it's what works for us. Is it how I thought things would be? Heck no. But are we having fun? Very much so.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making it Work

Marriage is hard work.
Whoever said it wasn't is either:
A) Not married
B) Has been married 6 months or less
C) Is in complete denial

  We are by no means marriage gurus, but I like to take pride that we've been married over 7 years now and have not hit any bumps in the road or had any regrets about our decision in choosing each other as our better halves so I thought I'd compile a list on how we make things work. 

1. We have learned to communicate without using words. I like to think of it as mind reading or ESPN if you will (yes I know I said ESPN, but that's what I use to think it was called so I will continue on with calling it that).

Ex. When I pick up a frying pan and one of my eyes start twitching he knows to be quiet because I have seconds away from smacking him up side the head, so he stops.

Ex. When he rolls his eyes and puts his hands on his hips he thinks I'm being over dramatic or I know I have succeeded in totally irritating the crap out of him, so I slack off.

2. We know what irritates the other person to no end and we use it wisely.

Ex. I hate to be tickled or have my leg squeezed right above my knee. If he wants to make me mad that's all he has to do. Works every time. He has since learned to use this veryyyy rarely. One quick punch below the belt will do that to a man. Actually didn't mean to do that, but hey it worked.

Ex. I know he hates for me to stare at him and make weird faces while he's driving. So of course I do this to no end when I want to rile him up. Why yes, I am 5 years old.

3. There are unspoken moments.

Ex. If I'm laying in bed crying for no other reason that I'm a nutbar, he will hold me and kiss my neck to let me know he thinks I'm crazy, but he still loves me.

Ex. If he calls me from work and starts explaining how pipes work I smile and say, "I miss you too."

4. We compliment each other.

Ex. I tell him, "I love your face and you have soft boy skin."

Ex. He tells me, "You're beautiful and you have a big bottom". Apparently that's a compliment in his book... I keep trying to explain to him that it's really not.

5. We have learned to team up against our kids.

Ex. They're crying nonstop and we need a break. We cover the windows in their bedroom at 6:30 and convince them that it's dark outside so that we can sit alone and just enjoy the quiet.

Ex. We both give each other a break now and then so that we each have a chance to gain some of our sanity back.

6. We still tell each other how much we love each other.

Ex. I watch him reading to our babies and when he looks up we make eye contact and I smile because there is nothing more attractive to me than a man taking care of his children. Later when we're alone I kiss him and tell him how great of a father he is and how I couldn't have picked a better man.

Ex. When I'm getting ready he comes up behind me and puts his arms around me and smiles at me in the mirror and tells me how beautiful I am (even though I have no makeup on and my hair is air drying into a total frizz ball). Then he spins me around kisses me and tells me how much he loves me.

I'm not going to pretend that everything is always sunshine and rainbows. Heaven knows I am hot headed and have the temper of a badger at times. Sometimes we raise our voices, sometimes I pout, but one thing is for sure we love each other with all our hearts and we're dedicated to each other and to our marriage and it's nice to live with that assurance. We hope to be the example to our boys that love and marriage though hard is totally doable. Even if the world seems to think it can be tossed out as easily as it came.

Matthew 19:6 "Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together."

Monday, August 22, 2011

This Ain't No Craft Blog

So this past week Sweet Husband I were quite
the little DIYers.
We had a lot of fun working together
and I only freaked out on him maybe
3 times!!

 A little background for you. My parents have over 20 acres on a mountain and this past December we moved next door into a little place that they bought when they expanded their land. This place needed some SERIOUS work. I mean SERIOUS work. It took us several months to get it move in ready and we're still not done with things we need/want to do to fix it up, but we're getting there. We had fixed up the kitchen with some paint, but recently I decided (because I change my mind/taste/style rather frequently) the kitchen needed a face lift. 

 So we got to work. We pulled these stripe thingies off the wall, filled them in with several rounds of drywall mud, sanded them (which resulted in some white nostrils... I did find a mask that I wore for the last 5 minutes of sanding, but I guess that was rather pointless), then we painted the trim and last but not least the walls got a new coat of paint. But alas we still needed something else. So I painted my light fixture and I glued coffee filters on another. Yes, as a matter of fact I do have an addiction to coffee filters.. 

 Still we didn't feel like it was complete. So we drove our little hineys to Home Depot and we got our supplies to do our back splash. Then we put it up... that was fun..... Now we just need new curtains, slipcovers, and maybe one day new floors.  And wallah we'll be done! So I just thought I'd show you why I've been such a blog slacker. I'm not going to show you all of my kitchen because 1. I don't have new curtains yet. 2. We had just eaten lunch and I hadn't cleaned off the table. 3. My windows are dirty.

Here are some before and after pictures. I don't have pictures from when before we moved in, but just imagine hideous wallpaper, food stuck to the floor, odd smells, and lots of dirt.



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teen Months Gone

 Today my baby is no longer in the "teen months". He is 20 months old. Sad face. And as I sit here watching him roughly pet the bunny while giggling like a demon child I can't help but to think about the great personality he is developing. Though I'm learning that I may have to watch his behavior around small animals, he has yet to show any other serial killer tendencies *phew*. He's finally starting to say more words and is learning body parts which is fun for everyone.....

*stab* Ehhyes

*stab* Eyears

*stab* outh

*stab* noez

*stab* buckha buckha.... Oh that means belly button in case you don't speak Cullen. 


 He can tell you about the weather.

It's wainin. It's wainin. Bunder? Bunder? Lightn?

He can tell you about cars.

 Vroom Vroom, Tang. Fasst Tang.  (We're raising Ford babies).

He can tell you about animals.

  Dog Dog, bun bun, kitay, goaattt, bird, Mooooo, wolf wolf,

He can tell you about his family and friends.

  Taten, Momma, DaDa, Huhee, Pop, Paw Paw, Vanna, Phoebe

He can tell you about his favorite things.

 Baby (stuffed animal), baby (blanket), baby (baby doll), baby (an actual baby)... okay so maybe he can't tell you in so many words, but I know what he's saying.

I love seeing the little boy he is becoming. He is so different from his brother. But I just want him to slow down. Before we know it we will be planning his 2nd birthday and then my baby baby will be gone :(  So I'm just going to enjoy each day I have with my baby baby because I know these days will fly by way too fast.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just the Highlights

So I've been slacking, but
I have good reasons.
Reasons that currently involve having drywall dust
up my nose.
A kitchen covered in dust and in shambles.
And somewhere amongst the mess
there are children trying to

So let me give you the highlights of last week since I haven't posted since last Monday.

I took Slaten to the Library. While I picked him out some books he sponge bathed a killer whale. Yes, you did read that right. A killer whale was sponge bathed. He found a toy whale (though he insists it's just a regular fish) and he used a block and sponge bathed it until it was shiny as a new penny. Is that not what your kids do at the library?

Slaten's little buddy came over for the afternoon/evening. They play very well together so it was no problem what so ever to have him there. We did however get a taste of what 3 boys would be like. I think we have cured Sweet Husband of wanting a 3rd child. Not because they were out of hand, but mostly because have you ever loaded 3 children into the back of a Jeep Liberty? Not the easiest task. So Charlie, next time Sweet Husband starts talking about another baby I'm going to need to borrow Drake again.

Do you guys remember me saying that Soccer camp could go one of two ways? Well folks, it went the latter. But on a whole nother level of bad than I expected. Slaten was way overwhelmed by the 500+ people there and refused to let go of my leg enough to go play with the kids his age. There were moments of flailing on the ground, crying because it was hot, and wanting to take clothes off and that was just me! Needless to say we left after an hour and a half and are just going to try again at practice when there are only 5 kids. Fingers crossed that it will go a little better. Slaten assures me it will.

Our friends invited us over for the evening. They have a Wii and thought it might be fun to play Just Dance. I was all for it. Especially being teamed up against Sweet Husband.. I knew I had it in the bag. Well, I was wrong. Apparently I can't hold a wii remote, move my arms and legs simultaneously and wiggle my hips. What can I say? I'm a little white girl. I have no moves. They all beat me. It was shameful.

Okay well there are the highlights of the week. I'm sure there are more, but my mind is preoccupied with dust and drywall mud.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Monday?

Yes, I know I use to do Random Thursday, but
today I just feel a little random.

1. Cullen has decided that he hates sleep. This doesn't fly very well with me being that sleep ranks right on up there with breathing, reading, nice walks on the beach, and chocolate for me. I'm not sure when it was he decided that 3 hour naps were for the birds, but now I fight him for over an hour to get him to nap which now results in him napping beside me on the bed like he did as a newborn. He now thinks 1 hour will suffice. I don't like this. I don't like it at all.

2. Slaten goes to Soccer Camp on Saturday. This could go one of two ways. Amazingly awesome and fun for everyone where mom and dad sit proudly and say, "That's my boy!" or embarrassingly awful where mom and dad keep their eyes on the ground while we turn 10 shades of red and all the other parents stare in disbelief at Slaten as he throws himself on the ground kicking and screaming that, "Soccer is too hard and I'm dying". Maybe I should just wait in the car...

3.  I am a fly samurai. One thing about living in the country besides the lovely scent of chicken houses in the heat of summer is that flies love livestock. Since flies love livestock they sometimes adventure off and find their way into my kitchen. That is where they meet their doom. I have become quite the master with the fly swatter and with my eagle like eyes I have now reduced my swats from 3 to 1 resulting in an instant kill. I'm thinking of adding this to any resume I fill out in the future. It's quite a unique skill. No?

4. My mom said she's bringing me some cupcakes home from DC. I really hope she doesn't get hungry on the plane because she's gotten my hopes up.

5. My Internet is being slow and it's about to kill me because I have now gone 3 days without pinning anything on pinterest and that has replaced me spray painting things so needless to say these withdrawals are causing anxiety and crankiness. I also don't have anything to spray paint so my backup isn't fairing well either.

So there are 5 random facts for today. Usually I do 10, but instead I'll post some pictures of some insanely cute kids.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bedtime Conversations

Bedtime Conversations

Years 1-2

"You're so beautiful, come let me give you a back rub before we lay down for the night while I hold you closely and run my fingers through your hair whilst you fall asleep."

"Oh that sounds perfect. You incredible man, you. Never has there ever been a husband as wonderful and caring as you. Every man in the world fails in comparison to you. Hold me closely all night long. I can't sleep without your arms around me."

"Let me kiss you softly and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. I can't wait until we have children. You're going to be such an amazing mother."

"Oh, stop. We both know you'll be the best father in all history of fathers."

Years 3-5

"Dude, wake up! Go get the kids they're crying!"

"You go get them. I'm sleeping and I have to work tomorrow."

"I got them last night! Get your lazy bum up and grab a kid! I didn't make these things alone you know!!"

"Fine, snore......."

Sigh of frustration

Years 6-7

"Hey do you think this mole has always been here" said while scratching belly and stuffing face with chocolate chip cookies.

"Yeah, I think so, but can you put the cookie down and see if this is infected? Will you rub some peroxide on it for me?"

"I can't tell, let me squeeze on it a little bit. Shhh I think the kids are trying to wake up. Let's close our eyes so they think we're sleeping."

"I think they've gone back to sleep. Hey could you scoot over a little? You're rough feet are bothering me."

"Yeah sure, but don't touch me. I can't sleep if you're touching me."

"I love you."

"I love you too."