Friday, February 10, 2012

Things That Irritate Me (today anyway).

Things That Irritate Me
(today anyway )

1. When I press the 'ON' button on my remote it is suppose to turn my DVR and TV on. But if it turns the TV on first then you have to turn it all back off and try again. I always end up hitting the button too many times and my TV just turns on and off, on and off, until I get really frustrated and have to walk over and manually turn the TV on. Aren't we past the times of having to get up while watching TV???
Am I right??

2. Short socks. My shoes favorite snack.

3. Looking over at a red light only to find someone staring at you. I mean rude, how am I suppose to pick my nose if you're looking at me??

4. The garbage can across the street. One day a delivery truck dropped it off and it hasn't moved since. Well except for when a firetruck hit it... but that's another story.. well I'll tell that story next because it irritates me too.

5. When people burn trash in their backyard on a windy/dry day and don't own a hose. Apparently that results in yards catching on fire... geniuses.

6. Feeling like a criminal while trying to buy sudafed. "No ma'am, I'm not making meth *achoo* I really just want to breathe out of my nose."

7. Changing a diaper in the front seat of my car. Thank goodness for leather..... Next time kid go before we leave the house.

8. Finding weird sticking stuff in my hair. I don't even know what this is!??!??!!

9. The fact that there is a box of chocolates on my counter, but I can't eat them because they're not for me. *pout*

10. That there is no such thing as a self cleaning car. I mean it's 2012 for goodness sake!! Weren't we suppose to be at least in flying cars by now?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Random (day after) Thursday

Random (day after ) Thursday

1. Last Friday I took Slaten out on a date. Just the two of us. We went to Chick Fil A and then bowling. Did anyone else know that they can decide who gets bumpers and who doesn't now? So this gal didn't get to use the bumpers like I was hoping for... Yes, I was beat by a 4 year old. 79-69. He rubbed it in my face for several days. Never. taking. him. bowling. again.

2. I apparently can't handle Sweet Husband going out of town for work. It was only 2 nights, but every time I got off the phone with him I cried. I'm thinking he should never take a 3rd shift job. I also couldn't understand why he couldn't spend an hour on the phone with me. I mean I know he was working and all, but didn't he understand that I was at home alone with 2 children who could clearly smell my fear???

3. I went to my first bull riding event. Obviously, I'm not that "country". I couldn't handle it very well. Everyone else just watched on like it was normal for men to sit on top of very big animals who were clearly not pleased with this. I sat covering my mouth and cringing every time a cowboy fell off. I wanted to stand up and yell, "What's wrong with you people?!??? Can't you see this is dangerous!!!?" But I just sat with my mouth wide open and looked back and forth from the excited crowd to the young men getting run over by ferocious bulls. A sport I'll never understand.

4. You know those days when you're trying to get you and your kids ready by yourself and your youngest finds a can of paint that isn't closed all the way and he throws it at your kitchen curtains, all down the wall, and onto the floor? Yes, we had one of those mornings on Sunday.

5. Or how about those walmart trips where your youngest breaks 3 pie crusts, throws things out of your buggy 4 times, and then plunges to the floor (unharmed, but in front of witnesses)? Yeah, we had one of those mornings too.

6. I had to use a coupon this morning for a prescription and I had to apologize for the suspicious looking stains all over it. I quickly told her it was just juice, but it really resembled blood. She eyed me for a little while....

7. Nutella on coconut bar cookies and you're welcome.

8. Slaten thinks the girl on the Grinch is, in his words, " As cute as she can be"... he was talking about the cartoon one.

9. My brother sent our Wii back because it was messing up just 3 weeks after we got it. They fixed it and sent it back. My brother called to tell me they found the problem. Apparently someone thought it was a gumball machine. They taped the penny to the box...

10. Did anyone else forget how delicious pizza rolls are? Because I did. I have had them for 3 meals this week... Thank you Totinos for reminding me just how awesome you really are.