Friday, July 29, 2011

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Waching Me

 Have you ever had someone follow you? Like in a horror movie you keep turning around only to see someone lurking in the shadows, so you quicken your pace and you suddenly hear their footsteps gaining ground on you? The hair on the back of your neck starts to stand up and beads of sweat start to form on your forehead. You quickly break out into a run, sneaking quick glances over your shoulder, trying to breathe, but exhaustion suddenly starts to sink in and you realize you can't run as fast as you use to and suddenly you feel their presence and you realize you have to give in because you can't escape them..... Yeah, my kids are making me feel that way today too.

 I can not wait until the day I can sit down on the couch without having an extra 22 lbs + sitting on top of me. Apparently I have a very uncomfortable lap because the youngest feels the need to sit more on top of my stomach. Which is rather unpleasant when you've just finished a very appetizing meal from Taco Bell. No matter how many times I adjust him he moves further and further making my dinner move further and further up into my esophagus. He also seems to be against me using the computer, lying down, or reading a book. Anytime I pick up the laptop here he comes. If I lay down he bounces on my stomach. If I pick up a book he rips out the pages giving a warrior like baby yell. Right now I am hiding in the closet, typing as quietly as possible so not to be found. My thighs are tired of being pinched and I just drank a very large Mello Yello and well we know what happens when you drink too much and someone sits on you. No, we don't all know what happens? Hah.. nervous laugh....Yeah me neither....

 Don't get me wrong. I love that my baby is a momma's boy. Most of the time. But it would be nice to have the occasional quiet bathroom break without someone crying like I've abandoned them or to be able to shower alone without being scalded when his little hands find the hot water knob, which then results in me using my body as a shield so that none of the fire water touches his precious little skin. Or to eat a meal at a restaurant without having to place a napkin on his head as to not drip soup down his hair. And lately it would be nice to be able to sleep without having someone rolling on top of my head and biting my ear.. oh wait I was talking about the children wasn't I? I guess until they're old enough to understand mommy isn't a jungle gym I will just have to take my vacations to the closet where I can enjoy a little peace and quiet until someone needs a sippy cup refilled...

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have a very picky eater.
I know "everybody" has a picky eater, but no
this is extreme picky at its finest.

"What do you want for lunch?"

"A Popsicle"

" Popsicles are not lunch foods. What else would you like?"


"I don't have anymore pizza. You ate all 4 of them earlier this week. What else would you like?"

"A Popsicle"


"How about a peanut butter sandwich or chicken fries. Or here's an idea how about a hotdog? You use to love hotdogs!!"

"I don't like chicken fries anymore and I don't like hotdogs. I want a Popsicle or pizza. Why don't you go to the store and buy me some pizza."

"Slaten! You have to learn to eat something else. You can't survive on pizza alone!!"

"Okay, a Popsicle"

Evil mom glare inserted here.

"Fine. Grilled cheese."

This is his 3rd grilled cheese of the week. At the moment the only foods he will eat are pizza, grilled cheese, the occasional peanut butter sandwhich, and chips.... I'm now reading the symptoms for scurvy so I will know what is happening from lack of nutrition. Did you know scurvy does not make you say things like "Aargh" and "Shiver me timbers"... not as much fun as one would think it is......

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Souls

Psalm 139:15-16
My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

I sit here beside a sleeping baby and I can't help, but to look at him and his brother and I think about these little Souls in these beautifully made little bodies and I wonder what will you become. Are we doing a good job with you? Do you feel love like you deserve to feel? Are we teaching you how much God loves you? Will your little Soul cry out to Him all the days of your life? What will you be when you grow up Little Soul?

Will you cure cancer?
Will you invent a new toy?
Will you drive a school bus?
Will you have your own boys?
Will you become a preacher?
Will you teach others good?
Will you be an example?
Will you live as you should?
Will you be kind to others?
Will you give to the poor?
Will you love without question?
What do you have in store?
Do you know that we love you?
That you bring us such joy?
Even more do you know He loves you?
That you're His little boy?
So we commit to you sons,
we'll try with all our might
to raise you to know Him
so you'll live your life right.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


What am I doing you ask? Oh, not much just checking out bubbles like these.

Why? Because 19 months ago I gave birth to a walking accident. No, no not that kind of accident we were technically trying for him. I mean the kind of accident that doesn't quite grasp the concept of running without face planting. Or the kind of accident that doesn't realize that hey that couch is a little further away from the coffee table than I thought.

It really is quite a miracle to me that we have been able to keep this child alive as long as we have so far. Of course my hair is turning gray and I swear I'm losing sleep worrying about ways that he's going to get himself hurt.

Like today. We were so close to going to read a story and take a nap. All the kid had to do was walk 5 feet from the living room to Slaten's bedroom. Shouldn't be that hard right? No you're wrong, WRONG Sir! Cullen was standing on the couch holding one end of his blankie, giggling away, merry as can be. Slaten was holding on to the other end. Giggling away with his demonic giggle and then he yanked. Cullen went head first onto the floor, onto a toy. The way his body landed I was sure he broke his neck and would be in a baby neck brace for the next 6 months, but luckily all he did was split his eyelid open.... Then before I could realize it he smeared his baby blood all over the white t shirt I was wearing. Oh I mean Sweet Husband's t shirt I was wearing. Oops. Shh nobody tell. So now my beautiful little baby has a split in his eyelid and I'm sure another black eye.

So that is why I'm researching bubbles. I mean the bubble boy seemed to turn out okay. Right? RIGHT?!?! Someone tell me! I've never seen all of that movie!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Some Random Things That I'm Going
To Tell You About Since I haven't
Written Anything in FOREVER. I'm Sure You Didn't
Notice, But That's Okay. Enjoy My Nonsense List.
Was that not the longest Title you ever did see???

1. A couple of weeks ago Slaten dropped a stool on my foot and I'm 98.9% sure he cracked a bone. It's still sore and now I have a fear of falling stools. Thank you, son. I needed one more thing to be frightened of.

2. Cullen has decided he does not love sleep as much as I'd like him to. He now takes one 1 hour nap a day... which he usually ends up crying himself into because as soon as I rock him and he hits the sheets he's screaming. I think he's finally stopped for now which means I now have 58 minutes to write this post and fold 2 baskets of laundry.

3. I am currently waiting on something to dry so I can spray paint it again. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT'S BEEN SINCE I INHALED  SPRAY PAINTED?!? I'm like a kid on Christmas.

4. Not only has Sweet Husband talked about having a 3rd child, but now Slaten keeps asking me for another baby. Plus I've had people tell me I need a girl recently. Leave me alone people!! I don't do well with peer pressure!! Just look back to my days of Gap Jackets and Birkenstocks... total crowd follower. I will stand by my "if you make mega bucks one day, I'll have another baby" deal. I think I'm going to win this one.

5. I found a picture of a little girl on pintrest who looks JUST like Cullen. I've been tempted to dress him up just like her to see the resemblance.


6. We went to Bass Pro Shop Saturday and we left with the following: A bag of feathers, bubblegum, circus peanuts, and beef jerky... who does that? They're feathers for fly fishing, but seeing as I don't fly fish I'm going to put them on things. Starting with my children... Just kidding, just kidding. Nobody will be tarred or feathered in this house.

7. Cullen's 19 months old today. Last month of the "teen months". Great now I just made myself sad. Don't pressure me into another baby when I go into moments like this. That is when I'm the weakest. Feel free to ask me while I'm holding a crying toddler while screaming asking Slaten nicely to not beat the dog with a wiffle bat. Those are my strong moments.

8. You should all be so proud of me. I actually sat outside and watched fireworks the other night. OUTSIDE people! And I only had 2 thoughts of death by firework moments. I'd say I'm making progress. Also I watched lightning out of a window not long ago. I never stand by a window when there is lightning around. I think I'm finally getting over my fears! Now to face my fear of coyotes and zombies. OH and falling stools..Baby steps, baby steps.

9. I have 4 bug bites. All of them on my feet. Thank heavens for little kid bug bite medicine. That stuff is the bombshizzle.

10. I cut Slaten's hair myself the other day. My grandad told Slaten he needed to get his money back for his haircut.... then I told him I cut it. Nothing like getting a "burn" from your own family. Hey I'm no haircutter!!! So if you see Slaten out don't laugh at his hair... he can't help it.

Monday, July 11, 2011


After we get the kids in bed Sweet Husband and I like to get ready for bed and spend a little time snuggling and talking before we drift off into a slobbery, snorey, tangled bodies sleep. We usually talk about the kids, or what we did that day, or occasionally I start back the whole "How much do you love me" bit. You can find that conversation here. Sometimes we get insanely silly like we did last night.

 "It's about time for baby number 3, don't you think?"

"Um, do you actually hear yourself right now? Are you out of your mind?"

"Yeah, I know. But if we were going to have another one, now would be the time."

"Are you saying you want a divorce? Because you know you would leave me if I ever got pregnant again."

"No I wouldn't! I'd just have to go stay somewhere else for those 9 months and then come back after you're not crazy anymore."

"Oh so what? Now I'm crazy??"

"No, no, only when you're pregnant."

"What do you mean crazy?"

"You know... you get all mean and you yell a lot and then there's the continuous crying..."

"No I don't"

"Do you not remember the time you threw a remote at me? Or the time you almost yelled at the people standing in front of the ketchup at Zaxbys?"

"OH so you're saying you don't find me attractive when I'm pregnant? You didn't like my big belly and I was just a big, fat, mean Ogre?"

"Wait?! No, that's not what I said at all. You just twisted my words!I find you very attractive when you're big and round"

"So you must still find me very attractive since I'm bigger now from having your kids." said drenched in sarcasm.

"Kate, you are not bigger! We've been through this. Wait, how did we even get to this conversation??"

"You said you hate me when I'm pregnant and you want to leave me."

"I never said that!!!"

"Oh and you think I'm crazy. So do you think I'm mean now? You think I'm crazy don't you??!?"

"No, well sometimes, but no for the most part."

"Gee, thanks a lot bud. You just lost all your chances of baby number 3 bucko."

He then tickled me and I did a quick karate chop which may have accidentally insured that we never have another baby again.. Sorry Sweet Husband! I was seriously aiming for your stomach...

I'm so happy he puts up with me. I can be a bit of a handful at times. Oh and he's right.... I am crazy while pregnant. I just like to irritate him ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Slaten!

 We were young when we started our family. I was 21, Sweet Husband 25. We had been married 3 years when our world dramatically changed. On this day 4 years ago we welcomed the sweetest little boy into the world. Our Slaten. So this post is to him and the things he enjoys.

Mustangs. You can spot a Mustang a mile away. You know what is it just from hearing the sound and you talk about things like horsepower and pipes even though I'm pretty sure you have no idea what those things mean.

Your favorite color is green.

You love motorcycles and want one of your own, but as a mother I'm terrified to let you walk in your father's footsteps of racing. I couldn't imagine you getting hurt so I'm just going to keep talking you and your father out of this one.

Your favorite movies are Cars, Nightmare before Christmas, and Shrek.

Your new favorite sentence is, "You stink'n nugget."

Your obsessed with anything Army. You know the Army theme song when you hear it and you love to read about anything with military men in it. I hope this is a passing phase too because this is another thing mommy can't handle her little boy doing. Though I will be proud of you no matter what you choose to do.

You are an excellent fisherman. You can cast your own rod and have caught more fish in your 4 little years of life than I have in my 25.

You love to cuddle. You give me kisses all the time. You tell me everyday I'm your best friend. Please never stop this.

Your favorite shows are Spongebob, Icarly, Bubble Guppies, and Power Rangers.

You love pizza and McDonalds. I can't get you to even try a veggie, but you LOVE milk.

You love to swim and you love baths. You're a water bug for sure.

Right now you prefer "Shirts with the sleeves cut out" as you call them.

You have an excellent imagination. You like to pretend your a weatherman, waiter, policeman, daddy, and rock star.

You play a mean air guitar.

We are so proud of the little guy you are becoming and are so thankful to have you in our lives. Happy 4th Birthday sweet boy!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Around the House

I've had a few people interested in some of the
decor in my house.
Almost all of it is thrift store finds or junk into funk.
Maybe they were just being nice or maybe they're
genuinely curious. So this post is for them.
If you don't care well that's just too bad...

Some of my favorite things.

The bird picture was Sweet Husband's grandmothers, the frames are from the thrift store and my mom made me the little bird house.

The bird cage is a thrift store find that I painted. The bird nest is one that blew out of the apple tree in the yard. Inside is a wooden egg I painted blue and paper flowers.

Picture is a drawing Sweet Husband did in school that he received an award for. Painted sticks are from the front yard. Bird: thrift store find, globe is filled with painted seashells and sand (from the $ store). Glass bottles were Sweet Husband's grandmother. (Fireplace is still not finished... so that's why the top looks so weird).

Close up of S.H.'s cool drawing. I love it.

Sticks from the yard with book page flowers. Jar courtesy of my father in laws storage shed.

Gnome: Target $ section. Bird house: gift.

Peacock feathers: Michaels.
Sticks yard.
Birdcage: My mom.
 Bird Hanger: clearance at Joanns
Mirror: thrift store find that I painted.

My favorite corner in Cullen's room.
 Pictures: thrift store.
Lamp on the left: thrift store.
Boat shelf made by my grandfather.
 Red lantern gift from my mom.

My favorite window.
Jars from father in laws shed.
Flowers clearance at Hobby Lobby.
 Inside the jars are: wooden eggs, corks, felt moss rocks, wooden woven balls. Each less than $4.

Coffee Filter lamp: base- thrift store find.
 Shade-thrift store find that I glued coffee filters too.
The tree I made in pottery class and the white vase is a thrift store find.

Light post: $8 at the thrift store.
Towel holder was a gift from my mom.
The way too cute hand towel was a gift from my sister in law from Anthropologie.

Favorite Kitchen corner
Spoon chandelier is still in the works. (Anthropologie knockoff for $10)
Hanging vases are glass jars from the thrift store.
Hand towel another Anthropologie gift from my SIL.
Wall decor: thrift store finds.
Mugs: my weakness found on sale at different places.

Signs from Hobby Lobby on sale
Bird salt and pepper shakers from Target
Spoon, fork, and knife decor from the thrift store

My retro ligt fixture from the thrift store

On top of my entertainment center.
Window: $5 thrift store find.
Lantern: Southern Living- I painted in pink...
Bird- Kirklands
Flowers: Dollar Tree
Glass Hurricane filled with moss rocks: Thrift store
Painting on the left by Slaten.
Right by me.

Favorite corner of our bedroom.
Mirrors: Thrift store
Sticks with paper flowers.
Lamp: recovered in fabric strips
Sign: Kirklands

I made our bedspread from fabric I found at Hancocks. I also redid the nightstands. They are from the thrift store.

Isn't this beautiful? It was Sweet Husband's grandmothers.

Coffee filter sconces.

Lamp from the thrift store that I repainted and then covered the shade with fabric strips.
Curtains I made from fabric I found at Joanns

Keys- half off at Hobby Lobby

Favorite corner of the Living room
Table is a thrift store find I redid.

Pillows made from placemats from Target. Total cost less than $3 a pillow.

More paper towel roll art and a painting I did.

Toilet paper roll art that I made and then spray painted.