Tuesday, July 19, 2011


What am I doing you ask? Oh, not much just checking out bubbles like these.

Why? Because 19 months ago I gave birth to a walking accident. No, no not that kind of accident we were technically trying for him. I mean the kind of accident that doesn't quite grasp the concept of running without face planting. Or the kind of accident that doesn't realize that hey that couch is a little further away from the coffee table than I thought.

It really is quite a miracle to me that we have been able to keep this child alive as long as we have so far. Of course my hair is turning gray and I swear I'm losing sleep worrying about ways that he's going to get himself hurt.

Like today. We were so close to going to read a story and take a nap. All the kid had to do was walk 5 feet from the living room to Slaten's bedroom. Shouldn't be that hard right? No you're wrong, WRONG Sir! Cullen was standing on the couch holding one end of his blankie, giggling away, merry as can be. Slaten was holding on to the other end. Giggling away with his demonic giggle and then he yanked. Cullen went head first onto the floor, onto a toy. The way his body landed I was sure he broke his neck and would be in a baby neck brace for the next 6 months, but luckily all he did was split his eyelid open.... Then before I could realize it he smeared his baby blood all over the white t shirt I was wearing. Oh I mean Sweet Husband's t shirt I was wearing. Oops. Shh nobody tell. So now my beautiful little baby has a split in his eyelid and I'm sure another black eye.

So that is why I'm researching bubbles. I mean the bubble boy seemed to turn out okay. Right? RIGHT?!?! Someone tell me! I've never seen all of that movie!!


  1. Haha, a bubble should do it!! Good luck with him ;)

  2. I have 3 boys that all need bubbles. We joke that we should have our own reserved room at the ER since we've been there so often!!

  3. I first saw these balls in an episode of the amazing race like 4 years ago. They were in Australia I think...do they do exist and I want to try them. Best to you and him.. that's boys!

  4. Thanks ladies! I just don't know what I'm going to do with him! Not to mention last night his brother knocked him in the other eye with a toy car so now he has a boo boo on both eyes.... He's going to be my ER child I'm sure.

    Vivian, there is this "party van" that you can rent for kids birthday parties here and they have one of those balls! It looks like so much fun so when my boys are big enough I want to rent one... you know for the "children". ;)