Monday, July 18, 2011


Some Random Things That I'm Going
To Tell You About Since I haven't
Written Anything in FOREVER. I'm Sure You Didn't
Notice, But That's Okay. Enjoy My Nonsense List.
Was that not the longest Title you ever did see???

1. A couple of weeks ago Slaten dropped a stool on my foot and I'm 98.9% sure he cracked a bone. It's still sore and now I have a fear of falling stools. Thank you, son. I needed one more thing to be frightened of.

2. Cullen has decided he does not love sleep as much as I'd like him to. He now takes one 1 hour nap a day... which he usually ends up crying himself into because as soon as I rock him and he hits the sheets he's screaming. I think he's finally stopped for now which means I now have 58 minutes to write this post and fold 2 baskets of laundry.

3. I am currently waiting on something to dry so I can spray paint it again. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT'S BEEN SINCE I INHALED  SPRAY PAINTED?!? I'm like a kid on Christmas.

4. Not only has Sweet Husband talked about having a 3rd child, but now Slaten keeps asking me for another baby. Plus I've had people tell me I need a girl recently. Leave me alone people!! I don't do well with peer pressure!! Just look back to my days of Gap Jackets and Birkenstocks... total crowd follower. I will stand by my "if you make mega bucks one day, I'll have another baby" deal. I think I'm going to win this one.

5. I found a picture of a little girl on pintrest who looks JUST like Cullen. I've been tempted to dress him up just like her to see the resemblance.


6. We went to Bass Pro Shop Saturday and we left with the following: A bag of feathers, bubblegum, circus peanuts, and beef jerky... who does that? They're feathers for fly fishing, but seeing as I don't fly fish I'm going to put them on things. Starting with my children... Just kidding, just kidding. Nobody will be tarred or feathered in this house.

7. Cullen's 19 months old today. Last month of the "teen months". Great now I just made myself sad. Don't pressure me into another baby when I go into moments like this. That is when I'm the weakest. Feel free to ask me while I'm holding a crying toddler while screaming asking Slaten nicely to not beat the dog with a wiffle bat. Those are my strong moments.

8. You should all be so proud of me. I actually sat outside and watched fireworks the other night. OUTSIDE people! And I only had 2 thoughts of death by firework moments. I'd say I'm making progress. Also I watched lightning out of a window not long ago. I never stand by a window when there is lightning around. I think I'm finally getting over my fears! Now to face my fear of coyotes and zombies. OH and falling stools..Baby steps, baby steps.

9. I have 4 bug bites. All of them on my feet. Thank heavens for little kid bug bite medicine. That stuff is the bombshizzle.

10. I cut Slaten's hair myself the other day. My grandad told Slaten he needed to get his money back for his haircut.... then I told him I cut it. Nothing like getting a "burn" from your own family. Hey I'm no haircutter!!! So if you see Slaten out don't laugh at his hair... he can't help it.


  1. Your posts are hilarious. You're a very talented writer!

  2. Thank you so much Brett! Make my day why don't ya? :)

  3. You do need to have another baby I think yall would make a beautiful baby girl!

  4. Angela, you do know it would be another boy right?!?! LOL! So for now I'll stick to putting flower headbands on Cullen while giggling and snorting.