Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have a very picky eater.
I know "everybody" has a picky eater, but no
this is extreme picky at its finest.

"What do you want for lunch?"

"A Popsicle"

" Popsicles are not lunch foods. What else would you like?"


"I don't have anymore pizza. You ate all 4 of them earlier this week. What else would you like?"

"A Popsicle"


"How about a peanut butter sandwich or chicken fries. Or here's an idea how about a hotdog? You use to love hotdogs!!"

"I don't like chicken fries anymore and I don't like hotdogs. I want a Popsicle or pizza. Why don't you go to the store and buy me some pizza."

"Slaten! You have to learn to eat something else. You can't survive on pizza alone!!"

"Okay, a Popsicle"

Evil mom glare inserted here.

"Fine. Grilled cheese."

This is his 3rd grilled cheese of the week. At the moment the only foods he will eat are pizza, grilled cheese, the occasional peanut butter sandwhich, and chips.... I'm now reading the symptoms for scurvy so I will know what is happening from lack of nutrition. Did you know scurvy does not make you say things like "Aargh" and "Shiver me timbers"... not as much fun as one would think it is......


  1. Katie-

    Your posts CRACK ME UP! Sometimes I read aloud to the girls at work and they crack up too. You're hilarious! So talented.


  2. Aw thanks Marie! You just made my day! :D