Saturday, July 2, 2011

Around the House

I've had a few people interested in some of the
decor in my house.
Almost all of it is thrift store finds or junk into funk.
Maybe they were just being nice or maybe they're
genuinely curious. So this post is for them.
If you don't care well that's just too bad...

Some of my favorite things.

The bird picture was Sweet Husband's grandmothers, the frames are from the thrift store and my mom made me the little bird house.

The bird cage is a thrift store find that I painted. The bird nest is one that blew out of the apple tree in the yard. Inside is a wooden egg I painted blue and paper flowers.

Picture is a drawing Sweet Husband did in school that he received an award for. Painted sticks are from the front yard. Bird: thrift store find, globe is filled with painted seashells and sand (from the $ store). Glass bottles were Sweet Husband's grandmother. (Fireplace is still not finished... so that's why the top looks so weird).

Close up of S.H.'s cool drawing. I love it.

Sticks from the yard with book page flowers. Jar courtesy of my father in laws storage shed.

Gnome: Target $ section. Bird house: gift.

Peacock feathers: Michaels.
Sticks yard.
Birdcage: My mom.
 Bird Hanger: clearance at Joanns
Mirror: thrift store find that I painted.

My favorite corner in Cullen's room.
 Pictures: thrift store.
Lamp on the left: thrift store.
Boat shelf made by my grandfather.
 Red lantern gift from my mom.

My favorite window.
Jars from father in laws shed.
Flowers clearance at Hobby Lobby.
 Inside the jars are: wooden eggs, corks, felt moss rocks, wooden woven balls. Each less than $4.

Coffee Filter lamp: base- thrift store find.
 Shade-thrift store find that I glued coffee filters too.
The tree I made in pottery class and the white vase is a thrift store find.

Light post: $8 at the thrift store.
Towel holder was a gift from my mom.
The way too cute hand towel was a gift from my sister in law from Anthropologie.

Favorite Kitchen corner
Spoon chandelier is still in the works. (Anthropologie knockoff for $10)
Hanging vases are glass jars from the thrift store.
Hand towel another Anthropologie gift from my SIL.
Wall decor: thrift store finds.
Mugs: my weakness found on sale at different places.

Signs from Hobby Lobby on sale
Bird salt and pepper shakers from Target
Spoon, fork, and knife decor from the thrift store

My retro ligt fixture from the thrift store

On top of my entertainment center.
Window: $5 thrift store find.
Lantern: Southern Living- I painted in pink...
Bird- Kirklands
Flowers: Dollar Tree
Glass Hurricane filled with moss rocks: Thrift store
Painting on the left by Slaten.
Right by me.

Favorite corner of our bedroom.
Mirrors: Thrift store
Sticks with paper flowers.
Lamp: recovered in fabric strips
Sign: Kirklands

I made our bedspread from fabric I found at Hancocks. I also redid the nightstands. They are from the thrift store.

Isn't this beautiful? It was Sweet Husband's grandmothers.

Coffee filter sconces.

Lamp from the thrift store that I repainted and then covered the shade with fabric strips.
Curtains I made from fabric I found at Joanns

Keys- half off at Hobby Lobby

Favorite corner of the Living room
Table is a thrift store find I redid.

Pillows made from placemats from Target. Total cost less than $3 a pillow.

More paper towel roll art and a painting I did.

Toilet paper roll art that I made and then spray painted.


  1. I love it all! These are some beautiful ideas that I will be sharing with Kayla. She needs some decorating in her little apartment. We are planning to make the toilet/paper towel rolled art soon. I can't wait! I love stuff that is homemade!

  2. Thank you! I am the queen of cheap when it comes to life. Tell her to check the thrift stores. Something may seem ugly at first, but once you clean it up and spray it with some spray paint it looks fantastic! If she has any questions about anything or how to do any of it let me know,