Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teen Months Gone

 Today my baby is no longer in the "teen months". He is 20 months old. Sad face. And as I sit here watching him roughly pet the bunny while giggling like a demon child I can't help but to think about the great personality he is developing. Though I'm learning that I may have to watch his behavior around small animals, he has yet to show any other serial killer tendencies *phew*. He's finally starting to say more words and is learning body parts which is fun for everyone.....

*stab* Ehhyes

*stab* Eyears

*stab* outh

*stab* noez

*stab* buckha buckha.... Oh that means belly button in case you don't speak Cullen. 


 He can tell you about the weather.

It's wainin. It's wainin. Bunder? Bunder? Lightn?

He can tell you about cars.

 Vroom Vroom, Tang. Fasst Tang.  (We're raising Ford babies).

He can tell you about animals.

  Dog Dog, bun bun, kitay, goaattt, bird, Mooooo, wolf wolf,

He can tell you about his family and friends.

  Taten, Momma, DaDa, Huhee, Pop, Paw Paw, Vanna, Phoebe

He can tell you about his favorite things.

 Baby (stuffed animal), baby (blanket), baby (baby doll), baby (an actual baby)... okay so maybe he can't tell you in so many words, but I know what he's saying.

I love seeing the little boy he is becoming. He is so different from his brother. But I just want him to slow down. Before we know it we will be planning his 2nd birthday and then my baby baby will be gone :(  So I'm just going to enjoy each day I have with my baby baby because I know these days will fly by way too fast.


  1. He is so precious! Sam isn't far behind, they grow up way too fast, but I'm just enjoying the ride! :)

  2. Thank you Stef! They are growing up way too fast for my liking! But you're right it is fun :)