Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Monday?

Yes, I know I use to do Random Thursday, but
today I just feel a little random.

1. Cullen has decided that he hates sleep. This doesn't fly very well with me being that sleep ranks right on up there with breathing, reading, nice walks on the beach, and chocolate for me. I'm not sure when it was he decided that 3 hour naps were for the birds, but now I fight him for over an hour to get him to nap which now results in him napping beside me on the bed like he did as a newborn. He now thinks 1 hour will suffice. I don't like this. I don't like it at all.

2. Slaten goes to Soccer Camp on Saturday. This could go one of two ways. Amazingly awesome and fun for everyone where mom and dad sit proudly and say, "That's my boy!" or embarrassingly awful where mom and dad keep their eyes on the ground while we turn 10 shades of red and all the other parents stare in disbelief at Slaten as he throws himself on the ground kicking and screaming that, "Soccer is too hard and I'm dying". Maybe I should just wait in the car...

3.  I am a fly samurai. One thing about living in the country besides the lovely scent of chicken houses in the heat of summer is that flies love livestock. Since flies love livestock they sometimes adventure off and find their way into my kitchen. That is where they meet their doom. I have become quite the master with the fly swatter and with my eagle like eyes I have now reduced my swats from 3 to 1 resulting in an instant kill. I'm thinking of adding this to any resume I fill out in the future. It's quite a unique skill. No?

4. My mom said she's bringing me some cupcakes home from DC. I really hope she doesn't get hungry on the plane because she's gotten my hopes up.

5. My Internet is being slow and it's about to kill me because I have now gone 3 days without pinning anything on pinterest and that has replaced me spray painting things so needless to say these withdrawals are causing anxiety and crankiness. I also don't have anything to spray paint so my backup isn't fairing well either.

So there are 5 random facts for today. Usually I do 10, but instead I'll post some pictures of some insanely cute kids.


  1. Oh helloooooo cuuuutie!!! Your sons are so beautiful! (handsome?!) Beautiful!


  2. Thank you so much! :) I'm very proud of them!

  3. Thank you, April! I think so too :)