Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just the Highlights

So I've been slacking, but
I have good reasons.
Reasons that currently involve having drywall dust
up my nose.
A kitchen covered in dust and in shambles.
And somewhere amongst the mess
there are children trying to

So let me give you the highlights of last week since I haven't posted since last Monday.

I took Slaten to the Library. While I picked him out some books he sponge bathed a killer whale. Yes, you did read that right. A killer whale was sponge bathed. He found a toy whale (though he insists it's just a regular fish) and he used a block and sponge bathed it until it was shiny as a new penny. Is that not what your kids do at the library?

Slaten's little buddy came over for the afternoon/evening. They play very well together so it was no problem what so ever to have him there. We did however get a taste of what 3 boys would be like. I think we have cured Sweet Husband of wanting a 3rd child. Not because they were out of hand, but mostly because have you ever loaded 3 children into the back of a Jeep Liberty? Not the easiest task. So Charlie, next time Sweet Husband starts talking about another baby I'm going to need to borrow Drake again.

Do you guys remember me saying that Soccer camp could go one of two ways? Well folks, it went the latter. But on a whole nother level of bad than I expected. Slaten was way overwhelmed by the 500+ people there and refused to let go of my leg enough to go play with the kids his age. There were moments of flailing on the ground, crying because it was hot, and wanting to take clothes off and that was just me! Needless to say we left after an hour and a half and are just going to try again at practice when there are only 5 kids. Fingers crossed that it will go a little better. Slaten assures me it will.

Our friends invited us over for the evening. They have a Wii and thought it might be fun to play Just Dance. I was all for it. Especially being teamed up against Sweet Husband.. I knew I had it in the bag. Well, I was wrong. Apparently I can't hold a wii remote, move my arms and legs simultaneously and wiggle my hips. What can I say? I'm a little white girl. I have no moves. They all beat me. It was shameful.

Okay well there are the highlights of the week. I'm sure there are more, but my mind is preoccupied with dust and drywall mud.


  1. sounds like you're having fun!! cute blog!

    jenna duty


  2. Thank you, Jenna! Everyday is an adventure in this house :D