Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you want to destroy my sweater...

Today I took both kids for their first trip to the Library. Slaten LOVED it. I can't explain how uber excited I am at the possibility of raising a future nerd. He wanted to stay longer than we did, but Cullen was getting antsy in his stroller so we decided to book it (hehe get it "book it" man I'm funny). So Slaten picked out two books about trucks and those are the first books he has borrowed from a library. The librarian was talking to us as we checked out and Slaten kept shushing her and telling her she had to be quiet. At least he respects the rules of the library. I ended up with 4 books that I hope to finish before they're due back, but with Cullen around who knows if that will happen. It's like the minute I get a book in my hands his radar goes off that Mommy is trying to have quiet time and he comes and crawls all over me crying.

I had two books to return thus the reason we had to go today. I was about half way through with the second book so I was eager to finish it last night so I wouldn't have to recheck it out. I sat on the couch with my nose in that book for a good portion of the evening. Sweet Husband just doesn't understand my obsession with books and kept making comments about how it would be nice to sit and visit with me. I tried to explain that it was the same as me sitting there watching TV with him, but after answering him with nods and mmhmms to questions that didn't require a yes or no answer he didn't believe me. But I finished the book and was able to take it back, proud that I wasn't rechecking anything back out.

So things I like have starting to change... like maybe my sense of style for one. I use to never leave the house without makeup. Wouldn't be caught dead in a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Hair was never pulled back in a ponytail unless it was accessorized with a cute braid or something. Perhaps kids have changed me or perhaps I'm just getting older, but I am definitely over all of my "nevers".

Today I wore my "mom sweater" as Sweet Husband likes to call it. I think it's totally cool, but I guess I have a weird sense of style. Also I hardly ever wear makeup anymore. Shoot I'm lucky if I get to shower before I go out during the day. Now I do dress differently when we're going out as a family because I do want my Sweet Husband to have a little arm candy with him, but it seems I have traded my high heels in for ballet flats. The neckline of my shirts have gotten a little higher, the fit of my pants a little looser. So I will proudly wear my "Mom sweater" now because I think it's fine to be a little frumpy every now and then. I guess I'm not trying to impress anyone anymore. Sure I like to feel pretty from time to time, but that's more so I can hear Sweet Husband tell me I'm beautiful. Which he does everyday because he's pretty fantastic. :)

Here's a picture of my "Mom sweater"

So tonight I coach my first basketball game. I'm super nervous. So wish me luck! Enjoy some pictures of my kidlets before I go.


  1. Thank you! They did so great! They only lost by 2 and I blame the refs for taking 2 free throws back from our girls.