Monday, January 31, 2011

A Few Clowns Short of a Circus

Blah it's Monday. I realize I don't have an out of home job, but I hate Monday's just as much as the next person.  Mostly because Sweet Husband has to go to work and I like having him home to help me with the kidlets. He had to go in today at 2 so he was home all morning with us. That was really confusing for the kids when he left. So now I get to spend all evening wondering what time he'll get to come home *sigh*.

Yesterday Sweet Husband, Slaten, and I went to the circus! Special treat from Honey! We had a great time. Slaten had this huge cheesy grin on his face while we waited for the show to start.
Hehe he looks so goofy. I love the circus. Every time I leave I find myself dreaming about being one of the girls that gets to ride the elephants or swings from the ceiling. How cool would that be?!? But one thing I've found about going to the circus is that I get really anxious and panicky feeling. I think it's because now I worry that those oh so tame tigers might snap and eat their leader in front of my 3 year old or that one of those dazzling ceiling spinners might plunge to her death. There are just some things I don't want my child to experience and one being mauled to death in front of him is one of them. So I sat there hands clenched, knuckles white, silently praying that those tigers would be good little kitties. As soon as they were back in their cages I could feel myself finally let out a breath.

Slaten said his favorite part was the horses. I personally like the elephants. I have to say I am thankful I don't have the job as pooper scooper though... that circus job didn't seem as glamorous to me. We had a blast. Slaten picked out a man on a "4 liter" (4 wheeler) as a souvenir. Thankfully he chose the cheapest toy I saw. They make a killing off of merchandise. $22 for a spinney light thing?!? Seriously? They sell those at Walmart for $5. It didn't even say "circus" on them... blew my mind. You could also purchase a big stuffed elephant for $100.... I don't think I saw one child lugging one of those around.

Well I better take advantage of this mommy time and do something productive like shower since Sweet Husband won't be home later to watch them for me *tear*. Hope everyone enjoys the last of these warmer days... cold will be back to greet us day after tomorrow *blech*.


  1. Great pictures! Glad he had fun. Nicholas loved it and got the exact same toy! Little boys and their toys :)
    I totally understand what you mean! Being a parent at the circus is a totally different experience. I was thinking those exact things that you were. How funny parents have the same fears. I didn't help me either that Nicholas was afraid the tight rope walkers were going to fall and kept telling me that. I had to reassure him they were fine, even though I was terrified inside of the same thing. LOL!

  2. At least I'm not the only one!!! :) I'm glad Nicholas had such a great time as well! I loved seeing his pictures too.