Friday, January 7, 2011

Bats is Back, Alright!

Guess what people???? I'M BACK! I know you all missed me so much during my hiatus from the world wide web. I have to admit the first week without Internet was really hard. I felt so out of touch with the world and the people around me, but by week 2 I can't say that I missed it that bad. It was like a very deserved intervention was preformed between me and crackbook. I've come through feeling much stronger... we'll see how long that lasts.

So much has happened in the last month. I have been a busy little bee trying to get my family situated in our new home. I think most of the boxes are finally unpacked. Now I just need to sneak a few more things out to the trash/thrift store and I'll feel so much better. I'm usually not one to make "New Year's Resolutions" because I break them by February first, but I do come up with things I'd like to work on and this year organization is near the top of my list. I even went out and bought an organizing tray thing for my junk drawer how exciting does that sound?? Okay, to you it may not be, but for me I wanted to squeal with delight when I saw that all my pens and batteries now had a safe little place to live. Even my bills have a happy new home. It's fantastic. Anyway things are just feeling better and fresher.

The boys seem to be adjusting to the Cottage of Funk just fine. Cullen is now sleeping half of the night in his own room.. big step from sleeping all night in ours. He also naps in his own room too!! What a big boy! Slaten keeps saying he loves his new house, but he's not loving his new room. One thing about living on a mountain is there is always wind. He's not too use to the sounds, but I think once we decorate it to his liking he'll feel much better about it. I am loving the fact that their rooms are bigger now and can host all of their toys so that it no longer looks like Toys R Us vommed in my living room. We had to gut the master bath before we moved in and it's not finished yet so we're having to all share a small bathroom right now. That part has been the hardest for me. Mainly because I have an entourage every time I go to the bathroom for any reason. I do look forward to the days when they no longer follow me into the ladies room. That sounds so peeacful.. get it pee..aceful. Haha I crack myself up. *Nerdy snort*

So Christmas was a White Christmas this year. How cool was that?!? The boys loved it, but I think their daddy loved it more. Slaten got a 4 wheeler from his paw paw and they had a blast riding in the snow.. okay I admit it was fun. Other than the snowflakes pelting me in the eyes. Apparently it's suppose to snow a lot this weekend. Which if it's suppose to be 10 inches in normal places, what does that mean for us mountain folks?? I guess I should go buy my bread and milk this evening if there is any left. Really I just need milk because ours is old...

I wish you guys could see how beautiful it is up here. I really should break out the camera. Like right now as I type I'm looking out my kitchen window watching Leroy (one of the horses) walk around the pasture. The sky is full of big fluffy clouds and the trees are blowing in the wind. It's so serene here. Sunsets painted by God's hand to die for. Guess you can tell I'm digging my new place huh?

Well I could go on for hours about every little detail you guys missed while I was gone, but I don't want to cause naps this late in the afternoon. I must go I have to get ready for my hot date with sweet husband tonight. It's our first time out alone since May. Oh I'm so excited. Dinner and Walmart! Aren't you super jealous?? I really am excited that I get to hold his hand without having to tote a baby in the other though :)

Before I go I have to tell y'all something funny Slaten said. We were at Target and this little girl in line behind us was wearing a Tutu and Slaten said, "Why does that little girl have fur on her bum?" Haha I love that kid.

Here's some pictures! Keep in mind the Cottage of Funk is far from finished, but here's some rooms that are semi done.

The boys bathroom/main bathroom

Part of my Sunny Kitchen

Christmas snow

My sweet Cully and me

Sweet Husband and Slaten

My family


  1. So glad to hear that Cullen is napping in his own room, and sleeping part of the night in there! Way to go momma! Congratulations on the new house, can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Thank you! It has been nice to have some alone time during the day and to be able to sleep a little during the night without him on top of me. Now I just need to work on the other half of the night....