Friday, January 14, 2011

You're as Cold as Ice

So this week was full of a lot of poo... figuratively and literally. It all started Sunday with Sweet Husband waking up with a fever and feeling really bad. I took him to the doc in the box because I honestly didn't have the heart to take him behind the barn and put him out of his misery. We sat at the doctor listening to people hacking for too long for my liking. I wanted to retreat as deeply into my jacket as possible. I felt like the germs were just hovering around me Ek. The doctor came in and said he had the flu, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Fanditalitastic..... So he wrote him three prescriptions and sent us on our merry way.

As you all know the snow started that night. It was nice for a couple of days. All white and semi-fluffy/ hard as.. well... ice. Slaten and I went out to play on Monday. Matthew was under strict orders to stay inside. Slaten ended up throwing an ice ball at my face. Between that and his whining about not being able to walk, I ended up throwing his hiney back inside and playing out by myself for 3 hours. Now usually I don't like playing in the snow, but there was something about the calm of being outside that I couldn't resist. I gathered firewood and sticks for burning. Fed the dogs (something I never want to have to do again). I'm going to leave that job to Sweet Husband... I felt like a real mountain woman. My parents said I looked like a homeless person in my sweatpants and Sweet Husband's work boots. Gotta love being compared to a vagabond.

I ended up using our boogie board as a sled and quickly realized I'm getting to old for fun like that. I know what you're saying.. Kate, you're only 24... well after many years of sports my body thinks it's 40. Now I have bruises on my knees and a gnarly one on my thigh and all my joints feel like I was hit by a smart car. I'm not going to say Mack truck because that would be too much of an exaggeration. We ended up playing outside for 2 more days, but now I am so darn sick of snow. I decided on Wednesday I was going to venture to town because I was having an intense Taco Bell craving with a dash of cabin fever. It took me AN HOUR! A drive that should only take like 25 minutes round trip took me a dadgum hour. It was intense and I started singing "Jesus take the wheel" on more than one occasion. Thankfully I made it home okay.

On to Thursday. I called Cully's doctor because he'd been having bad diapers for 17 days straight. We saw the doctor last week and she thought it was a virus, but considering he's still doing it I began to think otherwise. While I was on the phone I realized he felt a little warm. So in to the doctor's office we go... Guess what?!? He has the flu. SIGH. We ended up with Tamiflu and a culture kit for me to go digging around in his diapers to bring back a sample.... Now if that doesn't sound fun I don't know what does?!? Sorry if you were eating, especially if it was chocolate *insert evil blogger laugh here*.  Then once we got home I realized Slaten was sick too. DOUBLE SIGH. Thankfully the tamiflu seems to be working. Cully was back to eating toilet paper and Slaten was back to smacking him in the face this morning. I took the poopy to the doctor and we should know in 3-5 days what's the deal with poor little Cully.

SIDE NOTE: I'm super jealous of all you people in the Pinson/Trussville area. All your snow is pretty much gone! Yesterday is was 36 in Trussville, but when I got up the mountain here it was 23. BLAH. Over it.

Wow so I had a lot to say today... sorry if this blog was a little too graphic for your liking, but hey being a mom can be a little graphic. Great. Now I want a candy bar....

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