Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Party over here, Party over there!

I don't know that I've ever let so many days go between blog posts. I find myself wondering if you all were relieved or if you checked everyday longing for my next post.... probably the first one!

Things have been so busy this past week. We had Cullen's first birthday party last Saturday. I'll elaborate on that in a second. I've also been packing boxes and dealing with a sick kid. We're going to be moving out this weekend! YAY! My goal for moving out was to get rid of a lot of junk, but for some reason I have all these boxes and it doesn't look like I've made a dent in the stuff in this house. SIGH. Granted a lot of these boxes are clothes. Thank heavens our new closet it bigger... I'll post pictures after we move so you can see the new digs.

Slaten hasn't been feeling well this week and oh my sanity I've wanted to pull all my hair out. I know what you're saying, "Have some compassion!" Well after being cried at all day and all night by two very whiny children I lost it somewhere along the way. I had him crying during the day and Cullen crying all through the night (with his teeth I presume) I just wanted to cry myself. So one solution we tried was putting Cullen in his crib. He didn't like it. But I got him to sleep at around 2:30 night before last and he stayed in there until sweet husband went to work at 5:30. Last night I started him off in there and he cried for over an hour (not the whole time... he was content when I was standing there rubbing his belly, but heaven forbid I move). He finally dozed off and stayed in there until 2 am. I was too tired to fight him back to sleep so I drug him into our room. Baby steps my friends, baby steps. So anyway, Slaten is finally feeling better and he's back to his habitual whining.

So now on to the FUN stuff. Cully's party was a blast! It was MONSTER themed. Of course I made monster masks for all the guests to wear and even baby monster feet! The bigger kids didn't want to wear them, but some of the ones too little to object gave them a try.
My nephew in his monster feet.

We had snacks and candy. Yes I sugared up every ones children and then sent them home Mwahhahahaha! *Evil friend laugh* Though I think the adults might have enjoyed the treats more so than the kids! They were having a blast running around playing together.
Some of the goodies.

We had planned to play pin the nose on the Monster, but the kids were so content with the worm balloons that I said "Ah forget it". Here's where things got a little wild. Pretty much all of our friends have boys and that makes for some crazy times when they all get in one room. Slaten had THE best time.

Cullen got so many fantastic presents! He is loving everything so much. He got a baby that is the same size as him and he likes to poke his eyes and say, "Baby, baby!" He got clothes (thank goodness) and a pillowpet! Plus a bunch of toys.

Love this! My friend Crystal knows me so well.

He was so excited about his pillowpet.

Cully wasn't too sure about the cake... he liked the chocolate kisses on it, but he's not my sweets baby. Don't you worry though! Big brother and his best buddy Dane helped him out with the cake.

I made a banner of Cully's first year. I think it turned out cute. I can't believe how much he's grown...

We had so much fun and I am thankful for such wonderful friends and their amazing kids. It's so exciting to know that our little guys are going to be friends for life. I just wish we all could get together more often!! So now that the birthday party is behind us we can focus on moving this weekend and then on Christmas next weekend! Cully turns 1 on Saturday so we'll have to set some time aside from moving to have a special treat in celebration of such a sweet little guy. I thank God everyday for such fantastic little boys. I am so richly blessed.

Please enjoy some pictures of some spectacular monsters that attended the party!

Kyle and Matthew

Slaten and Dane

Uncle Midoo

Loni and Hodge

Precious Hudson

Honey and Pops

Aunt Carrie

Robbie, Kerri, and Seth

Jesi, Kyle, and Jack Jack

John, Christen, and Camden

Dane, Dana, and Daniel

Justin, Kash, and Crystal

Paw Paw

My Monster Family

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