Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage

Everybody knows that feeling of falling in LOVE. You think about that person every waking minute and sometimes even in your dreams. You as an individual completely changes. Every decision you make instantly changes to, "What would _____ think if I did this, or wore this, or went here." You put your best face forward and always make sure to look your best to always impress that one you love. It's mushy and gushy and usually annoyingly nauseating to those around you. But it feels good.

I sat here last night looking at my Sweet Husband and started thinking about what it was like when we first started dating. We were so insanely head over heels for each other and we were so mushy gushy nauseating and we didn't care one bit. We did everything possible to impress each other and it worked because we got married.. obviously. But another thing I got to thinking about was the things I didn't know about Sweet Husband until after we were married. So I've compiled a list of things I've learned over the past *almost* 7 years of marriage.


1. He likes to sleep on the right side of the bed. I never really cared which side I got when we got married, but he had a preference.

2. He thinks a towel is perfectly acceptable attire for sitting around at home. This one remains in the neutral column unless we have company.

3. He likes the room completely dark at night. Again I really had no preference so that was fine with me,

4. After most dinners he eats a bowl of cereal. Yet still stays just as skinny as ever... stupid lucky genes.

5. He picks all of his food. He's the only person I have ever seen actually pick apart a cookie.


1. Sweet Husband does not know how to use a dirty clothes hamper. Even if I moved it to the middle of the room his dirty clothes would still some how miss their mark. I've heard that this seems to be a normal "husband" thing.

2. If I clean a sink he will shave in it. Every. Single. Time.

3. He likes to cuddle when he's sick. I don't like to cuddle when I'm sick, nor do I like touching sick people so he loses at that one.

4. He takes longer than me to get ready which results in us being late most places. It's not that he's vain or anything... just slow and easily distracted.

5. He really loves pasta. Okay so this one is bad for him more so than me, but I listed it because I have to listen to him talk about wanting pasta all the time. I do not like pasta and when I make it I usually sit with a look of disgust on my face which isn't pleasant for either of us.


1. I didn't know before we were married that he would continue to tell me that I'm beautiful every single day.

2. He does thoughtful things like picks me flowers out of the yard or finds me 4 leaf clovers when I can't seem to find my own. (Maybe it's the Irish in him, but the boy can find a 4 leaf clover just by looking at the grass. It's freakishly amazing).

3. He likes to cuddle in his sleep and he can also be talked into things like getting up and getting the baby when he's asleep. I use that to my advantage most nights.

4. I didn't know he'd be such a fantastic father to our children. Okay, I had an idea, but never knew until I saw him hold our first baby boy and watched the love grow between the two of them.

5. He still calls me to say I love you during the day or just to check in on us and would much rather be with us than anyone else, anywhere. I figured he'd be tired of that by now.

I am so insanely lucky to have such an amazing man in my life and our love has changed over the years. I can't imagine my life without him in it, all of him. The good, the bad, and the neutral. Even after *almost*7 years of marriage I still learn new things about him and it just makes my love for him grow so much deeper. He's pretty fantastic ;)

While we were dating. (Such Babies!)

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