Monday, February 14, 2011

Negative Nellies

Happy Valentine's Day! Or Happy Singles Awareness Day.... whichever.

Is it just me or are people really unhappy lately? I feel like half the status updates from my friend's on crack  facebook are so negative. Hey people CHEER UP! Instead of focusing on every bad little detail in your life why not focus on every good little detail?? We have so much to be thankful for. I understand having a bad day, believe you me, I do have days when I want to pull my hair out. Being a stay at home mom will do that to you. But I think your day will turn out how you decide it will turn out.

So I've been challenging myself to be positive no matter what my situation. Here are a list of some ways I've found the positive in some situations lately.

1. Cullen had a really bad diaper that resulted in my jacket getting poop on it. The positive: I got to change into another sweatshirt that was pink and was told that I looked beautiful. Thank you Slaten.

2. Cullen wrote on my wall with a crayon. The positive: I have free art on my wall now. It sort of looks like a heart and I didn't have to pay mega bucks for anyone to come do it.

3. My freezer is still broken. The positive: I only buy enough food that we can use in a couple of days and I end up having to cook the meat I buy because I can't just freeze it. Resulting in not eating out as much.

4. My dishwasher is broken. The positive: if the kids are bugging the snot out of me I tell Sweet Husband that I'm going to wash dishes and he has to watch the kids and keep them out of my way.

5. 4 people- 1 bathroom. Less room to clean? Yeah I don't have much on this one....

6. The vent covers aren't screwed down throughout the house. The positive: I get to go around and find little treasures that the boys have stashed inside them. Or if I can't find something small I know where to look first.

7. No cookie mix in the house. The positive: less calories.. though this one really does make me sad because we all know how I love me some baked goods.

8. My radio in my car is broken. The positive: I get to torture my kids with my beautiful singing voice with no background music to drown me out.

9. My kids drive me crazy and make me want to run away sometimes. The positive: They are beautiful and they love me. This morning Slaten woke up and said, "Mommy, everybody loves you. You're so cute!"

10. I stay at home. The positive: I get to stay at home.

See you can make the best out of any situation if you put your mind to it! I just want people to be happy and stop stressing over the little things. We are so blessed and we take so much for granted.

So let's stop being Negative Nellies and start trying to see the good in everything and everybody!!

Cullen's artwork

My little climber.

Sweet Husband and me.

SOO beautiful

Cullen swinging

Our Awesome tie dye cookies

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