Thursday, March 31, 2011

RANDOM Thursday

Here it is
Random Thursday!

1. So I haven't been able to talk Sweet Husband in to setting up the fish tank yet, BUT he did agree to me getting a peacock. I'm going to hold him to it! I will have pretty feathers in my yard one day!

2. Today I went and bought 50 baby bass from 2 men driving a truck filled with fish. It was something I never would have thought I'd experience. I could almost see the thoughts written on the man's face as he talked with his dangling cigarette with the ash 1 inch long, "Stupid woman, this is a man's job. You probably don't even know how to catch a fish let alone buy the right kind." There were a couple of dead fish in my bag.. my daddy made them give me extra. Nah Nah na boo boo!

3. I love sausage, egg, and cheese wraps from Jacks.

4. I let my kid wear the same clothes 2 days in a row. But he really loves his new motorcycle shirt and I didn't do laundry this week so.....

5. When shows decide to have a "musical" episode it makes me uncomfortable. I don't watch Grey's, but just seeing the clips makes me cringe a bit. I get embarrassed when people sing that aren't famous singers. I don't really understand that one..

6. I have had 3 dreams this week about people dying. It's kind of wigging me out. I better not be psychic.

7. There are goldfish crushed in the rug, dishes with dinner still on them from last night, and toys all over the place and I.don' I don't feel like doing anything today so I probably won't. Laziness at it's finest.

8. There was a lady at chick fil a yesterday with a little baby and I was silently relieved it wasn't me.

9. BUT as I rocked Cullen for nap this morning it made me sad that in a few months he probably wouldn't want to be rocked anymore and then I will have no baby to rock. Sad. but also fantastic because I'll be less crazy the older he gets... well maybe.

10. I made Matthew quit playing on the computer last night to come lay in bed with me and tell me how much he loves me. He might think I'm a bit of a nutbar, but he does what I ask because he's just fantastic like that. Tonight I'm going to push for a back rub... wish me luck!!

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