Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

So I'm totally stealing this idea from a cute little blog I follow called "Little Miss Momma" and she totally stole this idea from another blog she follows. It's just a whole bunch of thievery, but a whole lot of fun.

This is my first edition of Awkward and Awesome.
Let us begin shall we???


Wearing blue jeans that the zipper refuses to stay up on. You know why this is awkward. Who doesn't secretly love seeing people caught with their zipper down?? Well buddy I was that person today.

Trying to talk to someone when your eye is twitching. "No sir, I am not winking at you... it's just my eye..." I hate that feeling.

Not noticing all your hot pink lipstick has wiped off except the part around the edge of your lips... classy. I have a love/hate relationship with my hot pink lipstick because of this.

Bending down to pick something up and feeling your shirt come up in the back and your pants go down.. Sorry people shopping at Walmart... didn't mean to give you a "show" today.

Seeing someone you know and when you stop and smile they don't even realize you are there so you're just standing there grinning like a big idiot. Oh well I didn't really want to say hi anyway....

Listening to someone explain something to you and you have no idea what they are saying and then they ask you your opinion. Then you say, "Do what?" and the whole process starts back over again.


Being able to shave because I finally bought a new razor and shaving cream. YES!!!

Cullen actually letting me buy groceries today and not throwing every single item out of the cart... granted he threw a few, but I made it home with everything this time.

Sewing my curtains together. They aren't finished, but they're that much closer!!

Sampling every snack item I bought at the store today. Speaking of I think everything needs to be sampled just one more time.

It's almost time for Sweet Husband to get home. I sure do miss him while he's at work.

Having almost 2 hours of quiet time to shower and catch up on my blogging... almost 2 hours because now Slaten is awake and after that very loud crash he just made by falling Cullen will be awake shortly too...

So there it is. My first edition of Awkward and Awesome. I hope you enjoyed and if not.. well I really don't care that much. I only have 10 followers..... ;)

Oh by the way... if you haven't already go and check out my Etsy shop and buy something because I could use the money and you know you need a new necklace. Okay, thanks!

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