Friday, March 2, 2012

Things I'm Ashamed Of

Things I'm ashamed of

1. Sometimes I encourage the children to ask their daddy if they can get in the shower with him just so I can get out of giving them a bath and I can also get some quiet time. I hope he doesn't read this...

2. Today I ate about 20 shortbread cookies in one sitting. Then my children found me hunched in the corner of my closet and I ended up sharing my last 4 cookies. I've really got to work on sharing with others....

3. I take advantage of the fact that Slaten is big enough to do things on his own. "Slaten, would you please grab me a bottle of water?" "Slaten, would you please open the door and let the dog out?" "Slaten, would you please rub my feet while I sit here eating this debbie cake that I won't share with you?" *Please note I do not really make my 4 year old watch me eat debbie cakes, I hide in the closet*

4. Somehow my children got the idea that only their father can change batteries in toys. They say, "Oh, this needs a battery. Guess daddy can do it when he gets home." I haven't corrected this error in their thinking.

5. Sometimes at night when I can't sleep I kick Sweet Husband in the leg to make him stir so I don't feel so 'alone'. If he stirs enough I started sighing in his ear until he rolls over and holds me. I can be so needy at times.

6. Disney Channel Stars in my favorite Pandora station.

7. I have to watch Goosebumps everyday. But not because of the children.. I don't know if I'm really ashamed of this because Goosebumps is clearly one of the greatest shows ever made. AmIright?

8. I can't fit any more clothes in my drawers and I still have 2 hampers full. This is why I never like to get caught up on laundry. That and I genuinely hate doing laundry...

9. When I don't sleep well I act like a 5 year old. Don't put it past me to lay on the floor while kicking and flailing about. It's a miracle I found a husband. 

10. Today in Target I went to check Cullen's diaper because he made a rather loud noise and I stuck my hand right into... well... you know. I then had to wheel around the store to the bathroom where a sales person asked me if she could help me. I then held up my hand and said, "Just going to the bathroom".... She didn't seem to anxious to help me after that. Sidenote: I did wash my hands and I didn't touch the buggy handle so no worries about your littles mouths on the cart handles after I use them.

Whew, it felt good to get that all off my chest....

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