Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Kids are Like Puppies

Why Kids Are Like Puppies

1. When you're eating a delicious meal they beg. Sometimes when you turn away they sneak food off of your plate.

2. They both will pee on your rug at some point in their lives.

3. They sit at the door and beg to go out.

4. Occasionally they whimper during the night.

5. They tear up important things like bills or uncashed checks if left within their reach.

6. When they want something they look at you with big puppy dog eyes and you succumb to their power and give in.

7. They want to sit in your lap at all times.

8. The often lick your face.

9. Sometimes you have to walk them even if it's 30 degrees outside. One might just need to go potty, but the other might have croup and you do it because you love them both.

10. Sometimes they smell weird.

11. You will get covered in water when you bathe either of them.

12. They get excited if someone comes to the door.

13. They both get time outs.

14. They both learn the same commands, "Sit!" "Lay Down!" "Roll over (and go to sleep)" They also know the words, bite bite, outside, bye bye, and bath time.

15. When they're asleep you can't help but to pet their heads.

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