Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Spooks

Halloween is over. I couldn't wait to take down my decor. Mainly because I put them up on September 1st and well I was getting tired of the same thing. Granted my pumpkins are still out because I leave them out for Thanksgiving, but I'm kind of getting tired of those too..... So I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving like a normal person before I put out Christmas decor so I can actually enjoy it all without hating the junk before the actual holiday. But really that has nothing to do with this post so.....

We had a great time trick or treating Monday night. We and a group of our friends met at my brother in law and sister in laws house to take out our little spooks. Living on a farm doesn't make for a good trick or treat time. Unless you like walking half a mile to your neighbors house and constantly checking to make sure a coyote isn't luring in the fields as you pass. So we packed up and headed to their place where all the houses are right there together so you get more candy without leg cramps and having to catch your breath before you ring the doorbell.

We had Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Spiderman, Mario, the Hulk, a monkey, and a bumblebee with us. Slaten is the oldest of the group and being as he's only 4 you can only imagine how adventurous that was. We started on our way to the first house. All the little tykes ran up to the door. Several shoves to be the first to ring the bell and then a loud "TRICK OR TREAT" followed by the group rushing in the door. Okay, so we didn't quite explain the idea to them too well. After a retrieval and a quick pep talk on what trick or treating was all about we were back on our way.

We were doing good, making good time, then we hear crying. Bumblebee down! She got a few kisses from mommy and we were back on our way. Next house Bumblebee almost caught on fire by someones fire pit! Bumblebee's wings are inspected and we're good to go. We made it to the last house on the street and the kids rush to the door. A nice older man opens the door. He's standing there in his shorts. He happened to have a prosthetic leg. Mario reached out and gave his leg a nice little pet. The kids were in awe, we were slightly mortified. The man seemed not to mind. Another pep talk about not petting people are we were on our way again.

Bumblebee tripped over a flower bed and fell again. Someone stepped on Darth Vader's cape and had to face the rage of an angry 4 year old. A man in a Mike Meyer's outfit followed us for a bit. The kid's didn't seem to care, though some of the parents were a little unnerved. Okay weirdo, we're not at a haunted house. The monkey and Hulk got tired so they headed back to the house. The others pressed on. Luke Skywalker was the next to back down and shortly after the rest were ready to get into their loot so they headed back.

We made it. Halloween night was over. All the kids ended it with a sugar high and us parents were just thankful that everyone made it through without crying and fighting. I'm so thankful to have our amazing friends and seeing our kids grow up together like most of us have is really quite awesome. So here's to many more Halloween's guys! I'm loving these memories!



  1. that was a very fun post to read! =)
    Me and the girls only made it to 4 houses...seeing as how we have to drive to each one...just family and friends from church along our country road. One day I will have to treat them to the neighborhood experience like I grew up with.

  2. Thanks Kathryn! We went to one neighbors house down the road and that was it for our street. I don't even buy candy because nobody would come to our house even if we were home.

  3. Sound like a successful and adventurous night!

  4. these are so cute! i love halloween, but we dont have kids to dress up, just a dog :) and we live in a condo complex so we got NO trick or treaters! I have a bag full of candy... i was so sad!

  5. Thanks Ashley!! I love Halloween too. It's so much fun to come up with costume ideas. Aw that is so sad! Guess you'll just have to finish that bag by yourself ;)