Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Channel Surfing

  As a momma, I rarely get to watch what I want on TV. During the day when the TV is on we're watching kid shows. During naps I'm too busy to watch TV and at night Sweet Husband usually watches something like football (which sometimes I want to watch too) or Pass Times. So I try to make the best out of the shows everyone else wants to watch. Here are some of the ways I do that.

A show about a little girl with a pink bob wig who goes to stay with her uncle who happens to be a puppet. The whole town are puppets except for the hero and the villain and nobody seems to find this odd. I have found one good reason to watch this show. The Hero Sportacus has very nice arms. Though the mustache is quite atrocious.

A show about a DJ named Lance Rock who plays with action figures that come to life. Nothing weird there. Except maybe the little green one with the long arms. He tends to freak people out. I like this show because DJ Lance makes awesome faces and has sweet dance moves.

She's a pig who lives with her pig family and they have an accent. Apparently Pig shows are big because there are 3 of them on the kids channels. I choose to like this one. Simply because they have accents and Cullen says Peppa Pig like a little English child now.

5 Australian Men singing and dancing with an over sized Octopus, Dog, and a very strange Pirate. I'm only okay with this show because I think the Blue one is kind of nice to look at.

A 4 year old whiny whiny boy who could use a good talking to, has adventures with his little sister Rosie (who can say the word "umbrella" but not "butterfly"? Reallly??), his mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. Caillou is 4 and never grew any hair which I find sad because even little sister Rosie has hair. I don't know how I feel about his mom and dad's parenting skills because they let Caillou wear shorts when it's cold and they let Rosie wear a dress out in the snow. You know that babys legs are cold. Also they never put Caillou in time out when I think they should. Okay, so maybe there's not really anything I like about this show....

3 people stand on a podium and make guesses on what time they think a car will race down the track. The closest score wins money each time. I like to play with Sweet Husband, but I like to take it a step further and say, "Okay, if I win you have to go feed the dog." or "You have to change this poopy diaper". Lately I've gotten really good at winning.


  1. Dirt Girl? How could you forget her? Does it still come on anymore?

  2. Well I already blogged my feelings about dirt girl... and yes she does still come on. Slaten asked for her earlier. I think we might have missed it though. Thank goodness...

  3. Yo gabba gabba is the most ridiculous show EVER! So strange :)

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  4. Isn't it weird?? But secretly I like it. Shhhh don't judge me! ;) I think I like it more than my 4 year old... Okay I did not just admit that..

  5. My niece loves yo gaba gaba. It seems very strange to me, but kids like some of the weirdest shows =)

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  6. Thanks Sarah! I'll check it out! :)