Friday, September 2, 2011

Technology Failure

  I suck at technology. It's really sad actually. My brother is a computer genius/physicist (I'm pretty sure that is his what his position at work is called). I guess his big brain took all of the smart genes out of the mother's uterus because I got stuck with the leftovers. We're lucky I can even turn on a computer... But then you start throwing codes at me and new layouts and I'm all like Wha??? So if you try to follow me on BlogLovin I'm not sure it will work since I'm pretty sure it thinks I'm trying to steal someone else's blog and claim it as my own... yeah, I don't know. One might think I grew up in a time before computers, but no I'm just that dense.

  Let's discuss some ways technology makes me want to hide in a corner while rocking back and forth muttering something about the devil living in technical things.

Our Xbox: Our poor little Xbox was struck my lightning a few years back. So now you have to plug it in (but don't leave it plugged in because I'm afraid it will spontaneously combust) and then you have to hold the button on the plug semi-in. What's semi-in you ask?? That's where you press the button in, but not all the way in because it won't work that way. You have to hold it just perfectly so that the light stays on red long enough. It's become quite the art. If you have a lead finger forget it you will never succeed. Once it turns red you can put it down. Then you have to open the Xbox to insert the DVD or game. In order to open the Xbox you must beat your fist on the top at least 4 times with the right amount of force or your Xbox will refuse your DVDs entrance. It gets to be very frustrating and sometimes I want to cry when I'm being screamed at that I'm "being too slow and we need Lightning McQueen right now!!!"

Our Radio: Our radio that we have in the kitchen to keep me company while cleaning has a long wire... that is apparently the antenna. I have to try and find the perfect spot to pick up the radio stations I want to listen to, but I can only put the wire in certain spots being as it doesn't stand up on its own. I usually walk around while holding the wire and of course the best signal I get is if I stand in the middle of the kitchen with my arm straight up in the air. After one song I'm usually pretty tired so I just give up and turn it off.

My car radio: Dead. Ca put. Sleeping with the fishes. Yeah, it died when we went on Summer vacation..... in 2009!!! One might think we'd replace it by now, but since I can't seem to get anyone motivated enough to take it apart to see what is wrong I gave up....

A curling Iron: okay I don't know if that's considered technology, but I suck at it.... Seriously bad at it.

I'm thinking that maybe the Amish were the smart ones. If only I could pull off wearing a bonnet.


  1. this post is hilarious! haha and how the heck was your xbox hit by lightening! holy cow! haha

  2. Thank you, Alycia! :D I have no idea. That was when we lived at our old house and not too long ago (in our new house) our TV was struck! I just don't think we have the best of luck haha.