Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Scary But True Tale


 There was an old barn out beside her house. She didn't venture out there very often. It was built to store hay and had a large room built inside of it. The creaking of the doors was enough to make any one's skin crawl and the clanging of the lock against the door was rather unsettling. Large tree branches scraped the tin roof mimicking nails on a chalkboard. But on this day she needed to go into the shed. She felt the pull to discover what was buried underneath the boxes of memories forgotten. She dismissed the warning from her mother to wait until her husband got home. She couldn't wait. She has to discover what is called... THE SHED.

 She put on her husbands Etnies because of laziness she didn't grab her own shoes and she slipped quietly out of the door as to not disturb the sleeping children. Her footsteps squishing in the soggy, muddy ground with each step. Above a bird flutters away. Cawing loudly as if a warning that she turn back and not venture into the unknown. She doesn't listen and continues across the yard. She reaches the shed. The doors, covered in black plastic to protect its innards from the rain, creak and shutter from the gusts of the wind. The lock clangs against the door as if to taunt her that she has no business here. She reaches anyway and slowly undoes the lock. Taking a deep breath she steps aside to swing the large wooden door open.

 She glances inside. Unsure of what lies in wait. Dust that was undisturbed for many months begins to settle around her. She takes one nervous step inside. She shines her flashlight, but the beam isn't bright enough to show what lurks in the shadows. She glances down to make sure all it okay to move forward. The plastic on the ground crinkles in the back corner. She stands still, listening, afraid to breath she shines her flashlight toward the noise. Nothing is there. She sighs and keeps moving toward the back of the shed. She notices a box and leans down to inspect it. There are webs connecting it to every other surface in this place. She shudders and knocks it with her foot. A very loud noise comes from inside, "LOW AND SLOW". She jumps and grabs her chest. Realization hits her that it's only an old toy she hid from her kids. Regaining her composure she reaches inside to see what other treasures are in the box. Nothing of importance so she moves on. Deeper into the shed.

 She looks around some more only to realize there are about a thousand little spiders on webs around her. They stare at her, ready to attack. She can feel the hair on the back of her neck stand up as she realizes they must be able to smell her fear.

 She takes a step back only to step in a puddle that she knows must house thousands of micro sized creatures ready to suck her blood out of her with many agonizing bites.

She glances up in hope of finding something to grab on to. That's when she sees the first nest. She whips her head back and forth quickly. The realization hits her that she's not alone. She hears the buzz now. Hundreds of nests attached to the roof and wall. They buzz her name she hears it ringing in her ears. She has to escape. This can't be the way things end for her. She has to protect others. Warn them of this place. So she runs. She finds the lock and slams the door. She runs to safety, the world a blur around her. She hears the buzz fading as they hum her name begging her to return.

 She doesn't look back. She opens the door to her house quickly. Steps inside to safety and breathes a sigh of relief. She made it. She'll never venture off again. She finds her slippers and slips them on and then plops down happily on the couch to sit down and write this blog. She should have listened to her momma...

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  1. I just love your adventures! Yes, you should listen to your momma!

  2. Ewewewewewww, spiders *shudder*

  3. Seriously gross. I had to change my clothes when I came back in because I was so paranoid. Ek I don't want to think about it! lol

  4. eew spiders ... and yes she should have listened to her mother :) coming from the wiegands link up ... love your blog!

  5. Thank you, Kinze. I am all the wiser and will from now on listen to my mother :)