Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Surprise Christmas Present

This post is meant to be funny. We weren't that heartbroken over the matter so please don't be sad by reading it. K? Thanks :)

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P.S. I'm using a tiny netbook so I apologize in advance for any errors in this post. Please blame the extremely small keyboard and my very clumsy fingertips. Thank you, that is all.
 Christmas time was of course one of my favorite times as a kid. Waiting for Santa, decorating the tree, singing carols about Batman and Robin.. I have a lot of fond memories of that magical time of year. There was the year I walked into the living room to find a brand new pink Barbie corvette. Or the year I got the very cool, very hip, very ugly Gap Jacket. Santa was never one to disappoint. He loaded the gifts on, filled the stocking to the brim, and ate all the cookies my brother and I left out for him. What a wonderful way to spend the holidays. That is until my parents morbidly ruined it for us.

   My brother was 10, I was 8. We were anxiously waiting the arrival of this day. We couldn't wait to see what gifts our family had decided to shower on us the day before Christmas. We usually spent the day at my dad's parents for lunch and with my mom's parents for dinner. We played with our cousins, stuffed our faces with yummy food (always avoided the green jiggly food) and begged our parents to hurry so we could get on with the presents. We'd whine that they were taking too long and they'd start in with, "We're going to eat slower the more you ask!" It was very annoying. Finally after many threats we'd get to shred that beautifully wrapped paper to find our Christmas surprises. Merry laughter filling the room, Christmas music filling the air. Pure happiness. 
  As tradition in our family my brother and I were allowed to open one gift Christmas Eve from our parents. Usually in the evening before bed, but this special day our parents surprised us with this announcement, "Come outside we have something to show you".

   My brother and I wiggled with anticipation. "Oh my goodness this is it! We're getting something so awesome because we have to actually go outside to see this present. It must be big since they couldn't bring it in the house. Oh my, look! Daddy is already outside waiting! It must be something he has to reveal that's really going to knock our socks off." My brother and I, smiling ear to ear, chatting as we walk down the stairs ran every idea through our heads.  "New bikes! A basketball goal! A trampoline! A pony!" We just couldn't decide! So we walked down the stairs to where my dad was standing. Beside him on the ground was a blanket. Whatever our fantastic surprise was rested right there in front of us waiting to fill our lives with joy and excitement. We waited. Dad reached down. Here was the moment. The big present of the year. We couldn't hold still from excitement. He pulled the blanket back and there was.......
  Our golden retriever, Sam. Dead. Not moving. Our smiles faded. "Sam died this morning. We're so sorry. We just wanted to let you say goodbye before we buried him." My brother and I looked at each other. Then at the dog. Then at each parent. Then at the dog. Then back at each other. Then back at the dog. We decided that this was the worst Christmas present in the history of bad Christmas presents. 

  I brought this story up today to my parents. Apparently they didn't think about the fact of my brother and I thinking it could be a wonderful surprise we were being led to. I have now learned never to get my hopes up when they tell me they have something to show me. Thankfully the scarring of the event wasn't too much to handle and my brother and I moved on rather quickly (apparently presents to that to kids) and we still celebrate Christmas with only the seldom thought about the surprise gift.
R.I.P Sam.


  1. Katie-
    I'm catching up on past blogs and I nearly wet myself reading this one. I'm so sorry about Sam, but imagining your's and Mike's face when you saw what was under the blanket wasn't the magical present you expected, but actually your beloved (albeit deceased) pet had me in a fit of giggles.

  2. Thank you for catching the humor in this post. I had others tell me it made them sad, but that was so not my intention! RIP Sam you were a good dog, terrible Christmas present, but good dog.