Friday, September 23, 2011

Painters Anonymous

I really love to paint....
when I'm not painting that is. 

 I don't know why I do this to myself. I get an idea in my head and then I have to execute it immediately. I refuse to do anything else until my project is complete and well buddy if you're hungry stand in line, so are the children. 
 I recently decided that it would be good to have both boys in one room. That way we could use Cullen's room as a playroom and my living room could be clear of clutter. So in order to make all of this possible I had to repaint Slaten's room. Yes, I HAD to. The furniture refuses to move in until it is all done. If it were up to me I would have moved him in already, but hey the furniture does what it wants to. Okay, lame excuse. It's my fault. I wanted to redo the room. The furniture is actually excited about the move. But moving one child in with another  isn't that simple to me. First I had to mud the strips up in his room, then I had to paint the trim, then I had to sand the walls (which resulted in a dust filled nose and a child covered from head to toe in white powder *No, officer that isn't what you think it is, I promise*), then I had to paint the room 2 wonderful coats of dark grey. It looks fantastic.

 "Dark grey?" You ask. "Doesn't that feel like a dungeon?" Yes, see I have a theory. If you paint the room darker and put up black curtains they will think 
A) that it is night time sooner 
B) that it is still night time, even though it is 8:30 AM and 
C) this room is nice and cozy I want to stay in here as long as I can. We shall test my theory this weekend.. 

 I'm thinking the move will be good for them. Slaten already wants to share his bed with his brother (though I fear he'll smother him with his millions of babies, hence the reason for his own bed) so I'm hoping this will help them both to sleep through the night all the time. Shh don't crush my hopes you nay-Sayers. Now I must go back to painting their furniture. I told you... I can't just paint a room. I'm painting it a lovely shade of Red. Which coincidentally looks a lot like blood if it comes in contact with your skin. I should have noticed this before I left the house earlier. I think it wigged the drive thru girl out when she realized we bumped hands... Oh well, can't win them all.

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