Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lessons in life

So in the past couple of months I feel like I've really grown as a person (not just in the waistline and hips). I'm coming to realize what is important in this life and what is simply just not important. It's taking some humbling experiences to learn this, but I feel like it's making me better as a person.

Ten months ago we welcomed our sweet little Cullen and from that point on I became a Stay at home mom. I absolutely love it. It's hard, it's fun, and I love being with my kids 24/7... okay maybe not all the time, but for the most part. Let me tell you about a typical day in the life of this stay at home mom.

At 5:30 my adorable little husband gets ready for work. He tries to be quiet so not to disturb me and Cully, but bless his bones he's not as quiet as he hopes to be. I usually awaken to him jingling change in his pocket or opening drawers. Then after he gets ready he goes and grabs sleeping Slaten and puts him in the bed with me and Cullen so that we can all enjoy a few more Zzzz's. Then every one of us gets  a hug and a kiss. I usually sign I love you because I'm simply too sleepy to talk that early in the morning and he shuts the door and goes off to work.

I enjoy a little more sleep, which consists of being kicked in the face, a baby grabbing me to nurse, and having to listen to Slaten talk in his sleep about wanting milk. Then around 8 (sometimes later) we roll out of bed. Not usually my choice, but I have to do what I'm told in this house. We wander into the living room and I fix the boys juice and a morning snack. I would say I cook breakfast, but I don't want to lie.. we usually eat a good healthy breakfast of Debbie cakes or cold cereal. Don't judge me. We watch some cartoons and I check crackbook.. I mean facebook, and then we sit and play. Later we usually read a Bible story and watch more TV. Every now and then I clean up something, but I have to be in a special mood to get that done.

Around noon Cullen starts grazing the floor to see what he can eat and that's my clue that he might be ready for lunch. So I fix us all something to eat. Slaten usually asks for something and then decides he doesn't want it so we talk about how he won't get a snack later and he agrees (later I'll find him sneaking cookies.. never fails). After lunch we read stories and all go to take a nap.

Ah nap... my favorite time of day. That is Mommy time. That's actually what's going on right now as I type. Slaten is sound asleep in his room and after a long battle Cullen is asleep beside me on the bed. I have to be careful not to move because if I do he'll wake up and my peace is over. Sure my behind is numb and I may need to use the bathroom, but those are the sacrifices you make when you want quiet time. In just a little while Slaten will be knocking at my door, "Mommy, it's me Slaten". Then he'll come in and demand that I get him underwear and juice. He'll end up waking Cullen and then mommy time will be over. We'll wander back into the living room where I will probably give in and give him a snack because I'm a sucker and then we'll wait on daddy to get home.

Sounds like an exciting day doesn't it? I'd like to be able to say that I get the whole house clean, my hair and makeup are perfect, and dinner is cooking in the oven when my dear husband gets home, but that's usually never the case. I find that spending time with my little sweeties is much more important than wiping down the walls or showering. It's one of the things I've learned since having children. I'm not June Cleaver and I probably never will be, but my kids are happy and that makes me happy. I may not be able to go shopping every time I want or be able to buy my kids the newest cool toy, but at the end of the day I'm able to tuck my babies into bed, curl up to my wonderful husband, and thank God that I'm able to be with my kids through these precious years because I know I'll miss them when they're back talking teenagers.

So now I'll leave you so that I can enjoy the last few minutes of mommy time. My sanity needs it!

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  1. You know, I gave Slaten a chocolate chip cookie and two powdered donuts for breakfast this morning. Hey wait, that's what grandmothers are for!! <3