Friday, October 22, 2010

Marriage proposals and thrift store finds

"When I get bigger, I'm going to marry you mommy." Those are the sweet little words I heard this morning when we woke up. I intend on pulling that quote out when he's 16 and brings his first girlfriend home to meet mom and dad. I love that he loves his momma so much. I hope he always does... maybe not want to marry me, but it's sweet now since he's 3. Wonder what Freud would say about that....

We had to watch The Nightmare before Christmas before we could do anything else today. I love that my kid wants to watch movies that I love. If you know Slaten you know that one of his favorite things in this whole world is my hair. So while we're watching the movie he said, "I need your hair and my milk". I hand him my ponytail and he said, "Hair is a great toy." What a weird fetish he's got going on.

Well the kids and I didn't feel like sitting at home today so we got dressed, I threw on a hat because like I said in my previous post it's hard to shower with two little ones, (don't worry I put deo on and brushed my teeth) and we were off! We ventured down to the local McDonalds. I didn't really want it, but I'm convinced that I will find the matching piece to Park Place and I will have my million dollars this time. I didn't win *sigh*. I ended up winning a free burger and fries. Now I have pieces for 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 mcfurries, and a breakfast sandwich. Just what I need McDonalds.. more fattening food! I'll save those for a rainy day, but before November 15th because after that they're no good.

After we had our nutritious lunch we wandered down to the thrift store. We're trying to find a dresser or something for the bathroom at the new place. I had no luck, but we hit the mark in the toy section. We found a school bus toy for 25 cents. My child loves me so much right now. It's the little things in life. We also found a nice winter coat for $6!! It looks brand new. It has a spot for his headphones for his Ipod which I think is hilarious on a size 4 coat.

We saw my Aunt while we were there. After conversing about preschool and the house we said our goodbyes. As we were wheeling away Slaten said, "I love that lady". Then I had to explain to him who she was again... Slaten tried to talk me into buying a Cinderella power wheel on the way out the door. Granted it was blue so I understand him thinking it could be for a boy, but the image of my son riding around in a blue car with Cinderella's face plastered on the front just couldn't escape my brain. Though it would make really great blackmail pictures for later..(insert evil mommy laugh here) maybe I should have given in.

So I know I've posted three days in a row and that may seem excessive, but this is like a journal for me. I plan on writing quite a bit.. maybe not on the weekends because that's family time, but during the week I will. Now I'm going to think about sneaking cookies before mommy time is over.... Enjoy your weekend!!!!


  1. Wednesday night he wanted my hair...err...that was a bit difficult. By the way, I'm really afraid to ask, but what is a McFurrie? A fuzzy fast food sandwich? Fries in a fuzzy breading? Hehe!!

  2. Haha only you would catch that ;)