Friday, October 29, 2010

Reunited and It feels so Gooood

I missed you so much. I never knew how much you meant to me until you were gone. I felt so alone while you were away. Then when you returned I felt like my world was all in order. Oh how I missed you... Internet.

24 hours with no Internet?!? I don't know how I survived the day. I guess sitting in the corner, rocking back and forth, while periodically breaking in to hysterics helped. Okay so that might me a little exaggeration, but man I sure am thankful to have crack facebook back. I feel like I miss out on what everyone is doing. I must say I was disappointed in the status updates... I figured something fantastic had gone on while I was living in cave man times, but no just normal updates. Oh well.

So sweet husband came home from work early today. It was a nice surprise. Unfortunately for him I showed up at the house not expecting him and only had 3 McNuggets left in my pack. I don't normal eat in the car on the way home, but I'm kind of glad I did because I didn't have to share all of my food (evil wife laugh inserted here). I did give him the last 3 nuggets and I would have gladly shared my food had I not eaten it on the way... maybe. We all got showered and dressed and decided to take a family outing to Hobby Lobby. Now I don't know about you, but I could spend all of husbands paycheck in that store. Slaten had to have a toy and ended up with a stick with a pointing finger on the end... um yeah. That's probably the weirdest toy he's ever picked out. On the drive home he would point at someone and say, "Now who is that? Daddy. Good job!!!". Future school teacher? Maybe.

We decided to grab something from Walmart to cook for dinner. Are y'all seeing a pattern of Walmart comments in my blog... Maybe I need help... Anyway we went to the Walmart in Gardendale. Holy Mackerel. That place is crowded!! I started to get cart road rage. We ended up with steaks, potatoes, onions, and pasta. It was delish!! Unfortunately I forgot the cookies so I plan on wandering into the kitchen to rummage through the cabinets until I find something sweet and unhealthy. Shouldn't be hard to find in my house.

I need to put the last couple of touches on the boy's Halloween costumes, but felt like I needed to blog at some point since I missed Mommy time today and had no Internet. Slaten is on costume number 2 this year. The first one didn't work out so well... Here is Slaten's Costume Wish list for the year 2010:

A Monster
A Scary Monster
A Dog Monster
A Dragon Monster
Ironman (That's what the kid's at school call him apparently..)
A Ghost with no eye holes ( Yeah.. that one is the one we tried Sunday... it worked about as well as it sounds like it would)
And the costume that he will be wearing tomorrow night is Jack Skelington the Pumpkin King.
I think it's turned out cute. I'm sure nobody will know who he is... But oh well I made it and I will be impressed with myself, so there!

My sweet Cully is on costume number 2 as well. I made him a Sumo Wrestler costume because I found that to be totally appropriate for such a chub chub, but once I put it on him he kind of looked like, well, a baby in a diaper.SIGH. Thankfully my mom is a craft genius and turned his Sumo suit into an adorable Baby Bird. So I've made him a headband of feathers to wear for tomorrow night since we didn't have time to make one last Sunday, but you can see the pictures at the bottom of the blog of the Baby Bird and the no-eyed Ghost.. which ended up being a shirtless Slaten with makeup running down his face with sweat.

So now I must go rescue Cully since Slaten has figured out a new thing to do with his pointing finger toy.. Is it bedtime yet?!?
Baby Bird

Shirtless Ghost Boy

My Halloween Costume

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