Monday, November 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

I will have you all know that I have the prettiest little girl ever. So I'm thinking maybe Cully needed a more masculine Halloween costume. At almost every single house we trick or treated I was told just how pretty my sweet little girl was.... His feathers were brown and tan not pink and purple, but I guess the feather headband and tights might have been a little much. Either way he sure was a cute baby bird! These pictures will go into my pile of blackmail pictures for when he's older (evil mommy laugh inserted here).

Slaten was Jack Skelington and surprisingly some people knew who he was!! I was so proud of myself (pats self on the back). He started asking me about 10 am if it was time to go trick or treating yet and he continued to ask every 5 minutes until we were out the door walking with our trick or treat baskets.  We went trick or treating on Saturday night so Sunday night we went to a trunk or treat down the highway. They got almost as much candy in 5 minutes there than trick or treating in a neighborhood! I was told there that I had a pretty little girl too....Sigh.

So last night I was tucking Slaten into bed and he said, "I want to take Cully back to the hospital and get a new baby." I laughed. I shouldn't have. We explained that Cully is our baby and he needs his big brother so we couldn't take him back and he reluctantly agreed that we could keep him. I have no idea where that came from. One minute they're happy playing together and the next Slaten wants a new baby. Maybe it's because he isn't brown....

Most days he really likes Cullen, but now that Cully is more mobile he gets into all of Slaten's toys. It amazes me how one lonely toy finds it's way into Cullen's hand and then it's the beloved favorite toy of Slaten. This usually results in Slaten snatching the toy from Cullen which breaks Cully's little heart. Slaten then gets reprimanded and sits in his room crying that he "needs that toy", and I try with all my might not to pull chunks of hair out of my head. Oh the joy of having two little boys. We've recently taught Slaten that if he wants a toy Cully has, exchange it for something else. He's easily distracted and will usually let go of what he's holding.. for the most part. I'm sure this is just the beginning of many fights. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when they're 10 and 8... perhaps by then I'll be in the loony bin with my soft padded walls, sitting in the corner rocking back and forth.

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  1. Michael wanted to take you back to the hospital too...and at one point he wanted to know when you were going to turn into a boy. Potty training took on a whole new meaning since he had no idea how in the world you were going to do that. Seems you didn't have the right equipment.