Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert

If you want your children
to be bright,
read them fairy tales.
If you want
them to be brilliant
read them even
more fairy tales.

by Albert Einstein

Okay, confession time. I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. A nerd some might would say. I absolutely love to read to the point that sometimes I ignore my family, house, friends, animals, everything just to read a few chapters in a book. You might could call it an addiction.

Sweet husband absolutely hates when I get sucked into a new book series. He feels neglected I do believe. So I try not to succumb to my desires to dive into a book every minute of every day. I do however sneak off to "use the bathroom" several times a day.... usually I do this when I'm to a good part of my book and want some uninterrupted alone time. Shhh don't tell my secret to sweet husband (I hope he doesn't read this..). He doesn't understand my love for books. At the beach I'd rather sit in the sand and read and he thinks that is so absurd.

So I've been using swagbucks (if you haven't heard of it, it's a search engine you can use to get points and then use those points to get rewards) anyways I'm using my points toward Amazon gift cards because I am obsessed with getting a Kindle to satisfy my book needs. The thought of being able to have books I want at my fingertips immediately thrills my mind! I usually order books off of amazon used because it's so much cheaper than buying in a store, but I'm running out of bookshelf space and I am the type of nerd that can only read a book once. Once I know the story it no longer excites me so I can't read it again.

My plan is to take all my books that I'm finished with and sale them to a bookstore so I can get money to buy more books or save up for my Kindle.

What got me thinking about my love for books is this sweet little lady down the street. Every morning around 7:30 she gets out and walks her little white dog. The little white dog usually stops at the corner of our yard to do some business so while I loaded the boys  into the car yesterday morning she waved me down. I stopped and she asked me if my boys would be interested in some children's books. She was just going to give them to Goodwill, but wanted to give them to someone she knew would love them. She came to the right house!! I am currently raising a future nerd. We opened the door this morning and there on the porch was a box full of books!! They're older books that are probably hard to find. These are books I would have loved when I was little. There is also some joke books, educational books, and chapter books for when he is older. I am so excited about them!!!  Slaten's bookshelf is almost completely full now. When we move I'm going to have to put a bookshelf in Cullen's room so that I can transfer books to his room.

A long with my book passion comes a writing passion (as you can tell from the amount of blog posts I have). I've written a children's book and if I could figure out how to publish it I would do it in a heartbeat. Too bad it's a hard business to get in to. Maybe one day...

You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.  ~Paul Sweeney

Here's some pictures of my youngest nerd with some books!

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