Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mumble mumble, Jesus' name AMEN.

So it's November. Where did the past year go?!? In about 7 weeks I will be the mother of a 3 year old AND a 1 year old. Sad Day. I'm not ready for him to already be a year old!! I demand that he slow down this instant. Hmph. (Pouty, stubborn mommy face inserted here). I think because he's my last (if I have anything to say about it) I want to keep him a baby for longer. He's never wanted to be a baby though. He's ready to be like big brother.

Well last night we met a woman to sell her our baby bouncer. I forgot that I had it for sale until I received an email that someone wanted it off craigslist. What a pleasant surprise! We did the hand off and then went into Arby's for a quick bite. We ordered and were sitting enjoying our scrumptious meal and Slaten asked, "Who made Arbys?".
Matthew answered, "I don't know we'll have to find out."
Slaten then replied, "I know! God made Arbys. God made food, so God made Arbys."
What a smart little booger. He now likes to say the blessing before we eat. Here is an example of a Slaten prayer,

"Dear God,
mumble, mumble, food, mumble, mumble, Thank you, mumble, Jesus' name AMEN.

Hey it's the thought that counts.. he'll get it one day. After dinner we went to Target to buy a few essentials. While there I decided to use the bouncer money to pick up a few birthday presents for my little chub chub. It's easier to shop for a kid that can't remember or even comprehend that those fun, bright toys are his. I didn't have to find time to sneak out without him to go buy his gifts. Shoot they're sitting on the counter right now and he doesn't even bat an eye. Ah so much easier than shopping for a 3 year old. So today while we were at Walmart (Ah Ah there it is.. my Walmart plug) we picked up a few little Christmas presents for Slaten. One of the stocking stuffers I got him is one of those sticks that you turn over and it go OOOWwwwww and turn it back and it goes WOOOOoop. Know what I'm talking about? Yeah I don't know another way to describe it.... Anyway, the little old walmart cashier put it in the bag and said, "What did that thing say?" I said, "Oh it just makes a funny noise when you turn it over." She said, "Oh I thought that thing said WAR EAGLE".... I love to find other nutty people in the world, it comforts my soul. It's as if I've met a long lost relative.

AHH Cully's trying to wake up and ruin mommy time! Must stop that now, but before I go enjoy some pictures of probably the cutest kids ever made.


  1. I'm with the nutty lady...I think it says War Eagle too!

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