Thursday, November 4, 2010

SDS has a cure.

BLOG DISCLAIMER: This blog may contain material not suitable for people who suffer from SDS (slow driver's syndrome). It may be offensive and cause self examination to those who read this blog. If you or someone you knows suffers from SDS please stop driving immediately and call a car service.

Why is it that every time I am on a 2 lane road with a screaming child I pull in behind an extremely slow person?? Is someone pulling a really annoying trick on me every time I sit behind the wheel?? I'm starting to think there is a conspiracy going on against me. I think the government is watching me and every time they see I'm getting flustered with a screaming child in the backseat they throw a car in my way. "*Static* She's driving on HWY 231, the child is screaming, I repeat the child is screaming. Que old woman in Dodge Caravan, Dodge Caravan NOW NOW!" Okay so maybe that's not what's going on, but really what gives?

Today I was driving us home from preschool, going a pretty good speed on down the HWY and turned off onto our cut over road to the next highway. And there I was behind the slow poke van filled with excited passengers. I could tell they were excited from their hand movements and laughter. The driver was one of these that every time she passed another car coming her way she'd hit the brakes.. Meanwhile I drove behind her listening to Cullen scream his head off. He has now learned not only how to up the volume of his scream, but the pitch too! As he's screaming Slaten is yelling, "STOP CULLY" and I began to beat my head on the steering wheel.. I hate rides like those. I ended up with a headache (not sure if from the screaming or the head beating) and we finally pulled into the driveway about 15 minutes later than usual *sigh*.

Well I got the kids unloaded and hurried quickly through story time because *I* was ready for mommy time something fierce today. Got Slaten down and went to my room to get Cully to sleep. HA! Jokes on mommy! I fought Cully for a good 25 minutes and he finally started to drift off to sleep then I hear, "MOMMY, MOMMY I'm ready to get up!!" SIGH. I got up, put Slaten back to bed, and went back to my room. Cully was then wide awake. Thankfully 15 minutes later sweet husband came home. I am thankful for days when he gets off work early. It's a nice little treat. SO I intend on taking my mommy time soon... a long hot shower.. with a LOCKED door so there will be no interruptions!


  1. Too funny! Just wait until you move up here and get behind a tractor...

  2. Or have to wait for a stray cow to move out of my way... We saw a cow out of her fence the other day when we left the Wallace's house. We stopped and she just looked at us.