Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A toy is a toy no matter what you spend.

Word of advice for people who are planning to get pregnant, do NOT plan on having a December baby. What on earth was I thinking?!? Well I didn't exactly plan on him being a December baby. He was suppose to be a after the new year baby. Well he came the week before Christmas and this year I'm learning just how stressful that can be.

We're in the process of fixing up a place and moving. (My hope was that we would be in there before Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure if that will happen yet). We're also planning a first birthday party for our littlest munchkin, and of course we have the holidays approaching quickly. I didn't think of how difficult a winter birthday party would be either. Slaten's a July baby so we always just have a party outside. Then we don't have to take into account how many people will be there because there is plenty of space. So we have to figure out a location for the party now. We're doing all of this on one income too...

I have to remind myself  often what's really important here. I've discovered that my kids get just as excited about toys from the dollar store than a $50 toy from Toys R Us. And my biggest discovery has been that no matter what or how much the toy was they will grow tiresome of it by the next week. So what am I really accomplishing by spending hundreds of dollars on my two children under 3? Nothing... I might as well save that money for a rainy day! See how money savvy I'm being??

Speaking of money savvy, I went to Walmart (surprise, surprise) today and I only spent $7!!! I only bought the things on my list! How impressive is that!?! I was so proud of myself. I bought a Pepsi, ketchup, chips, crackers, sauerkraut, and of course a donut. If only I could stick to my list every time.....

So nothing too exciting has been going on this week... just a screaming, teething baby, but by Thursday I will have a nephew!!! I am so excited! My best friend/ sister-in-law will be induced if he doesn't decide to come sooner. I can't wait to kiss his little face. I know seeing him is going to make my Cully seem sooo big (insert sad mommy face here). Be looking for pictures at the end of the week of sweet baby boy.

Sorry this blog isn't too action packed, but I'm feeling pretty lazy at the moment and I'm sucked into a Lifetime movie.. Power to the women!!

So here enjoy some pics before you go!!

Slaten with his cookies

Cully doing his new favorite thing....


Slaten painting

Beautiful job!


  1. I thought it was supposed to be the subject who was naked, not the artist...hehe...just kidding! Love his masterpiece!

  2. You know that boy won't keep a shirt on! I usually have to dress him just to take pictures, but this time we had his shirt off so he wouldn't paint it. He ended up painting my table and his body instead.