Wednesday, November 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

There are a couple of stores that I could spend sweet husband's whole paycheck in. I visited two of those stores this past weekend and went back for another visit to one today.

The first store that I just fell in love with is 2nd & Charles. Oh my. If you have never heard of 2nd & Charles, it is a store that will buy your books, DVDs, video games, and Cds. I took a bunch of books and DVDs so that I could sell them to buy more books. Well I walked in and instantly the smell of books engulfed my nostrils. I looked and there were rows and rows and rows of BOOKS! It was like seeing a little slice of Heaven on Earth. I was so overwhelmed. I didn't know where to begin looking so I just kind of roamed around wiping drool off my chin and rubbing my eyes to make sure it was all real. I told you, I'm a total nerd. Anyway, I ended up in the children's section because I am obsessed with my children's bookshelves always being full of great books. I found so many fun books! Most of their paperback books were $2 or less! I got Slaten about 13 books.  I let him go ahead and have 2 books and the rest I'm saving for Christmas (he doesn't care if they're "used" and neither do I so there!).  I found me a new series and even sweet husband found a couple of books! He NEVER reads. His books are still sitting on the bookshelf... I guess he's going to read them..
I highly recommend you check out that store if you have one in your area, but be sure you have loads of time because you're going to want to browse.

The next store I visited last weekend and today was Hobby Lobby. Oh Hobby Lobby you make me so happy. We went in last weekend just to browse. We're moving soon and the house needs a couple of things. I was eyeing some handles for my kitchen cabinets so I had to wait for them to mark them 50% off which they did this week! Cha-ching! So I got me some cute new handles!
Image of product #AHW-197-CThese aren't the exact ones, but they look similar. They're spoons and forks! How cute is that??? My new house has a decorative theme. My mom calls it "The Cottage of Funk". It's going to be very bright and sunny. We're putting in floors hopefully this weekend so maybe soon we'll be up on the farm! I'm so ready to wake up on the mountain every morning. Nothing like seeing God's artwork from a mountain. Breathtaking.

Today I am actually getting some mommy time. Though I did step out of my room to get something and Slaten was just sitting outside of my door... he has a way of freaking me out sometimes haha. So I just put him back to bed. Or he's outside of my door.. who knows? But at least it's quiet!!! (Insert happy content mommy smile here). Sorry if I've invoked your inner shopaholic with my blog. I will not be held responsible :)

Special shout out to my mommy! It's her 25th birthday today!! (Don't worry mom I won't mentioned your real age). We love you and hope your day is fantastic!!

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  1. Thank you my sweet one!! Loving the new cabinet handles for the Cottage of Funk!