Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where Babies Come From

Dear Weather,
 It's Fall, lay off the dadgum 80 degree weather already would cha?? I dressed my poor babies in long sleeve shirts today only to walk outside into 75 degree weather. Maybe if we had been leaving on time we could have came back in to change, but alas I was running late.. surprise, surprise. So we rolled up our sleeves and hopped in the car.

On the way to school this morning an ambulance passed us, lights going, siren blaring. Slaten said, "What was that?! A Firetruck?!?"
I said, "No, that was an Ambulance."
"What is an Ambulance?"
"An ambulance goes and picks up people who are sick or hurt and takes them to the Hospital."
"I don't want to go to the hospital."
"I don't want to go to the hospital either."
"We got Cully from the hospital mommy."
"Yes, we did."
"I want a brown baby."

After we dropped Slaten off at preschool, Cully and I found ourselves at Walmart. That seems to happen quite a bit. What can I say? They have good donuts early in the morning.. We were back checking out the detergent and a little old lady came up behind me. "I have to see this baby! I saw y'all get out of your car in the parking lot." He sure does get a lot of attention when we're out. I should start charging. $1 to look, $5 to touch his feet. People keep telling me he looks like me and then say, "Oh he's so cute and chubby." Wait! Did you just call me fat?!" I say thank you, but now I'm questioning what they're really trying to say......

Cully fell asleep in the car so I parked it at the park and read some of my book. There was a couple walking and they went and sat on a picnic table. She was pregnant and he sat behind her and massaged her shoulders. I wanted to walk over and ask him if I could have a turn, but I remember how hormonal I was when pregnant and didn't want his wife to beat me. So I sat reading until little chub chub woke up. Then we went up to the swings and took some turns down the slide. Walking back to my car a man was sitting in his beside it. He shouted out the window, "Hey is your name Patti?". I said, "Nope." He said, "Oh you look like somebody I know."
Next time somebody asks me a question like that I'm going to say, "Oh yes I am Patti!" Wonder what they would say next. That could be a fun game!

After the park we picked up Slaten and met Honey at McDonalds. Honey is my mom, for those of you who don't know. We met a little friend of Slaten's while we were there. Her family was talking about Cullen and Slaten shouted across McD's, "You can get one at the hospital." Oh good grannies...

Well y'all be safe out there. The weather is suppose to be bad this evening from what I hear. I better go find my ruby red slippers just in case....

Here's some pictures from the park where we like to play. These aren't from today, but this is pretty much how they look while we're there... maybe different clothes :)


  1. I love that Slaten wants a "brown baby". When Mom was pregnant with me Ryan asked her if I could be a black baby boy :)

    Btw, I love reading the blog posts. A fun way to keep up with your adorable family.

  2. I love brown babies! Let's go get one at the hospital!

  3. Haha thanks Molly!! That is hilarious!

    Well all we have to do is go to the hospital according to Slaten. He told an older lady at the grocery store that she could have one lol.

  4. October is National Adoption Month so you can totally get a brown baby brother or sister for Slaten! :)

  5. I'm going to tell Matthew that.. I think he would kill me if I ever got pregnant again. I get a tad bit crazy while with child so maybe he'd go for that ;)