Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never Gonna Give You UP

Never gonna pick you up
Never gonna spin you 'round
Never gonna crush your house and desert you
Never gonna come on down
Never gonna touch the ground
Never gonna suck you up or hurt you

That's a little song from the tornado heading our way. I've named him Rick because that seems appropriate enough.

Gah, I'm so not in the mood for storms today. It's so pretty outside right now. I have my windows open and the breeze feels so good. Sure, if you go outside you have to walk sideways from all the wind, but I can deal with that.

We don't have a basement so if it gets bad we have to drive next door to my parents to take shelter. Usually it doesn't even have to be that bad. I'm just a paranoid freakazoid so if it looks weird out I'll usually text my mommy to see if we can come over. This morning it got pretty bad in some parts of the state. I was convinced we were all going to die because I couldn't see out the windows because of all the rain and hail. I went and grabbed the baby and put him in bed with me and Slaten and started praying that the lightning wouldn't come into the house. I wonder if I need to see a psychiatrist about this fear... Anyways, we didn't die. Obviously. Duh.

Do you ever feel like you're psychic? Like you think of a song and then it plays on the radio or you dream about someone and then you run into them? Okay, so I am totally psychic because I do these things sometimes. Right? So I think I enhance my fear of lightning because I'm all "Kate, you're so psychic what if you're so scared of lightning because you know that's how you're going to die one day." And I'm all like "You know what self, what if you're right!!?? I should totally just stay away from lightning." Makes sense doesn't it? I'm also afraid of falling off of cliffs... thus the reason I stay away from them. So if my psychic abilities are accurate lightning or cliff falling is the way I'm going to go. BUT what if I get struck by lightning WHILE falling off a cliff. I think maybe that's how I'm going to go.  It could totally happen. Don't roll your eyes at me.

But you know what? I'm also deathly afraid of fireworks so I'm probably going to go around New Years or 4th of July when it's my time because I bet I'll be near a cliff watching fireworks when suddenly I'll trip and as I'm falling someone will shoot a firework and at the same time lightning will strike and it will hit me and that will be how I go. And I bet there will be zombies at the bottom of the cliff to eat my brains because I'm also scared of Zombies.

Wait, what? You say I'm not psychic? Phew, well I guess I'll just go back to worrying about being eaten alive by coyotes because that one seems totally possible up here....

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