Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Thursday {5}

Random Thursday

1. Slaten had a class picture made at preschool last month and we got the picture back on Tuesday. I have it hanging on the fridge, even though he begged me not to. Today I walked to the freezer to get food out for lunch and I noticed that a small round magnet was placed over a little boy's face. I tired to remove it, but was yelled at immediately.

Don't take that off!!!!

Why on earth is this magnet on this little boy's face?

That's Aaron.

Well what's wrong with Aaron?

I don't like him.

It's like when you're in Jr. high and you scribble over the skanky girl's faces in your yearbook. I was just amazed that a 3 year old could think to place something over some body's picture that he didn't want to look at. I don't know this kid, but I think he said ugly words to Slaten one day at school so I'm just going to leave the magnet.

2. Yesterday I was jonesing for a vacation something awful so I decided I needed to just have some time alone in the quiet. Sweet Husband suggested I go take a stroll around the pond and relax. I decided that was too far to walk so I went out to the barn with a magazine and hung out on the lawn mower. Lazy? Yes. Relaxing? Surprisingly more than you would think.

3. I have now successfully taught my 3 year old to quote the movie "Nell". We were being silly and talking. I called him crazy and he said, "Chickapea" and then "Tee bowin' in da winnn." He also made reference to Darth Vader in another conversation. My kid is awesome.

4. Cullen just crawled in my lap and his diaper leaked on my leg... Oh the joys of motherhood. Only once you become a mother do things like people getting poo on you not bother you as much.

5. Last night when it was lightning. I made Sweet Husband hold me up close because I was scared. I kept picturing lightning striking through the roof and hitting me and by golly if I was going he was going too... Okay, not really.. I just wanted to be held.

6. Sweet Husband has called me 4 times today. I think he misses me. It's nice to know he still likes me after 8 years.

7. I like Spam. Don't judge me.

8. Right now I am mad at my house. Here are the rooms I am most mad at:

Laundry Room- You are too small. You are cluttered and you make me mad because you don't have a door to keep my little people out of you.

Closets in every room- You have stupid shelves and rods. I hate you so much that I don't want to even hang my clothes up because your rods stink. I will be gutting you as soon as possible.

Master Bathroom Hole- You are a shell of a bathroom and I am ready for you to be finished. I would like to walk 2 feet to the bathroom at night instead of out of our room and around the corner. Plus you are super creepy at night with your sheers where a door should be. I can't see in you and I know you have to be housing a monster or murderer that's been hiding in there all day until it's time for me to go to bed.

9. I want to write a book, but I have no clue what I want it to be about. My mind is so random and I have the attention span of a gnat so I don't know that I could write more than a 10 page book, but I want to try. I also want to publish the 2 kid's books I wrote. Those are my goals. Now someone make it happen for me. Thanks.

10. I'm about to put the boys down for a nap so I can eat Slaten's Easter candy he got at school today. Shhh don't tell.

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