Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Thursday

Yeah, I've been busy today.
Busy shopping that is!

1. Today made me even more thankful I don't have a little girl. I went shopping for a friend that is having a baby girl and Oh My there are way too many cute little things to buy girls. I bought my little tykes 2 shirts each, but if they had been girls they would have made out with about 10 things each. So thank you God for the boys, you knew what you were doing giving me them.

2. Mounds might be my new favorite candy bar.

3. The bathroom door at the mall wouldn't lock so I used my baby as a doorstop. He screamed the whole time so nobody even tried to come in the family bathroom anyway, but I felt better about jamming him and his stroller against the door so I could be modest.

4. It took me an hour to clean my car today.. the inside of the car.... It was very embarrassing and I'm sorry to anyone that had to ride in my trashcan. My deepest apologies for all the crumbs that were on your hiney when you exited my car. Oh side note: Cullen looked at the floor screaming "Bite, bite!" the whole time... another reason it needed to be clean.

5. We're going fishing soon.. yay... well Matthew and Slaten are going fishing. I'm going baby chasing.

Okay so I don't have too many random things to say... It's time to eat my roast beef sammi and go fishing!

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