Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I can't stop thinking about Food.
No, I'm not pregnant.
No, I'm not eating my feelings.
I just want some yummy food.

I blame If you haven't visited this site... don't! You will neglect your family, stop doing laundry, and spend nights awake thinking about all the cool stuff you want to make. BUT if you do decide to visit and you like it you need an invitation so let me know and I'll send you one. If you're not invited you have to wait on a lame waiting list for an invite. But don't come crying to me when you lose your children amongst the piles of dirty laundry. No, no that's not my house.... hahaha (nervous laugh).... just don't come over without an hours notice. K? K.

So since I'm on this food kick I decided that I was going to compile a list of foods I love and foods I hate. Not all of them though... that would get really boring for you. 


Tacos.. not real tacos. Taco Bell tacos. I like the kind with the "meat" in it better than this real meat they've started putting in it. Gah people could you not have just left TB alone. They were doing just fine with the fake stuff.

Squash. LOVE it.

Spam. Don't judge me. It's delicious on some crackers with some mustard on top. Oh did I just turn you off from your lunch? Sorry about that.

Bacon. Bacon goes on anything. If I could eat a whole pack of bacon everyday by myself and not kill over. I'd totally do it.

California Rolls. I use to think it was sooo stupid when people ate Sushi because they were all like "Hey, look how cool I am because I'm eating this raw fish. Are you jealous? You should be totally jealous". Then I tried a California Roll and I was like "Wow, look how cool I am eating this sushi. People are so jealous of me." I don't want to try the raw stuff though.... I'm a coward.

Chips and Salsa. I get on big kicks of chips and salsa. I usually eat half the bag of chips.. okay 3/4 the bag of chips and then when I'm done I have indigestion out the wahzoo. Wait that sounded bad... I have indigestion out the esophagus. Okay much better.

Cupcakes. If any of you know me you know my feelings on cupcakes. One might call it an obsession. I'm drawn to them like a moth to light. I need them. I probably would just die if I didn't have them. You don't know.. it could happen. People die from all sorts of withdrawals. Now I need to make some crack I mean cupcakes.


Sweet Tea. Okay, that's not really a food. And I know I'm southern and I'm "suppose" to love it, but I hate it. It leaves a weird aftertaste and makes me want to yak.

Collards. Even the smell is atrocious. I guess that's why I don't have any money. Aren't you suppose to eat collards on New Years? I guess we'll always be poor.

Jalapenos. I hate the smell, I hate the look, I hate the taste. Sweet Husband likes to eat Jalapeno flavored junk and I can't stand for him to be around me when he does.

Alfredo Sauce. Yuck. Don't like you white sauce!

Pig's Feet. Well to be fair I have never actually tried them, but from the look of things I don't think the outcome would be very good.

Hamony. (I'm not even sure if that's how you spell it..) I always think it's regular ole' corn and then wam! It's not.

Human Flesh. Okay, so I don't like it now, but when the zombies come if they don't eat me alive and I get away with just a bite we all know what happens next. So I'm guessing eventually I'd put human flesh at the top of my Good List, but for now it's definitely staying on my Not Good list.

So there's some of my likes and dislikes.
What kind of food do you love or hate?
I'd love to make fun hear what they are.
Now I need another snack......


  1. I love Alfredo Sauce and Hominy! Nick doesn't like Alfredo sauce though and hates when it get it at Olive Garden :)

    If you like Bacon, you have to check out this site that I saw the other day on the Food Network - they make bacon candy - it looks delicious!! It's called The Sticky Pig.

  2. I started my sushi kick on California Rolls and beside Philadelphia Rolls it is about all I will eat. So I hear you on the sushi. I love bacon too!