Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Insanely Insecure

Four teeth. Three of them being molars.
That is how many teeth little Cullen has coming in.
 Four shots. That is how many shots he got today. 
Five bald spots. One twitchy eye and one finger with 2nd degree burn. That would be me.....

I took Cullen for his 12 month and 15 month check up today. Yeah he is 16 months, what? Thankfully my mother went with me so I could actually talk to the Doctor without my little 3 year old blabber mouth child chiming in. Does anyone else feel insanely insecure about your parenting skills when you take your kids into the ped's office? Like I get sweaty palms, twitchy eyes, and fidget uncontrollably Here is how my convo went today. Keep in mind I'm sweating profusely. So I'm wiping my brow throughout the conversation.

So we missed his 12 month checkup and he's really 16 months so we're late on his 15th month check up. {braces self for hard criticism}

That's totally okay. I'm not one to fuss at people about things. We'll get his shots taken care.

Well you know he was sick the whole month around his birthday. Remember I couldn't get him to stop pooping? That wasn't fun. So that's why we missed that one... Oh and then you remember he had the flu??

No, really it's fine I'm not fussing at you one bit. We'll just do his 12 month shots today.

I totally would have brought him if he hadn't been sick. Really I would have, but I didn't want to contaminate the other kids. So really it was me being respectful of other parents because I was watching out for their kids. I'm really nice like that. Always thinking about others.. that's me!

Really it's fine!!

Okay, I just wanted you to know that I'm not neglecting my child. I really do care about his health and I'm totally open to vaccinations. Don't worry I'm not one to freak out. I'm totally trusting my child's life in your hands. I mean you are the doctor. You went to school for all those years. I trust you completely. I know he's going to be fine, right? I mean these shots won't damage him, right? You do know the risks and all? He's going to be fine isn't he? I shouldn't be worried, should I?

No, he'll be just fine. Maybe a slight fever, but other than that he should be fine.  He looks perfect! He's growing great and he's scored perfect on all of his motor skills.

Oh yeah, he's totally got the motor skill thing down. I mean he climbs up stuff all the time. Usually he falls off and hits his head. He really hits his head a lot. Sometimes I'm worried on if he's going to be normal because I don't know how one person can take so many blows to the head and be fine, but I just don't know how I feel about making him wear a helmet all the time. Is that necessary? Should I look into one?

No, that happens with rough and tough boys.

Yeah, he's already had a black eye and I think these knots might be permanent. But I'm a good mother I swear I am. I always keep my eyes on him. I mean I only neglect him when it's really for a good reason like I need to make some necklaces or I'm at the good part of a book.

.............. okay, well we'll see you in 3 months.

I really like our pediatrician. She doesn't judge. Thankfully Cullen seems pretty good after his shots. Other than the fact that he was stuck to me like a leech for most of the evening, but he's finally asleep so I think I'll go pass out myself.  Oh P.S. he didn't give me the 2nd degree burn. That was from my glue gun. She's on my naughty list now.

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