Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Thursday {8}


1. I am in love with Mr. Bun Bun (No that's not the mail man). He is such a sweet little bunny and he's now comfortable enough to let me do things to him that a skittish bunny would never tolerate.

Here's just a couple of our photo shoots.

Aren't you jealous of my bunny?

2. I don't like crowds or teenagers. So I really don't like crowds of teenagers.. which is what we encountered at Taco Bell today. They make me feel very on edge. Beads of sweat pop up on my forehead, hands begin to fidget, eyes begin to twitch. I think it's because they remind me of just how dumb I was when I was a teenager. I thought I was hot stuff, but really I was just as loud and annoying as they all were. Man, I wish I was still a teenager.....

3. Yesterday on our adventure walk Cullen learned a new word. He says "fower" aka flower. He would pick one and throw it over his shoulder while saying "fower, fower". I tired so many times to get him to say it to someone else other than me so that they would believe that he really said it.. He wouldn't. Then this morning on our adventure walk as he picked flowers I'd say "Flower, flower. Say flower Cullen." He replied with "Nuh-uh". Sigh.

4. I need balloons for a craft I'm doing. All I have are water balloons. I tried to fill one up to see if it would work. When I took it off of the faucet I squirted myself in the face. I wish I could have seen it happen to myself.

5. Sally the Camel has 2 humps.

6. I've figured out I hate sewing. I suck at it. Not one sewing session goes by that I don't have to rip a stitch out, or break something, or cut wrong. Ugh, it shouldn't be this difficult.

7. The farm has a new addition. Her name is Sabella. She's 7 weeks old.
Ekkk cuteness!

8. I stepped in pee in the bedroom... it wasn't the dog's. Yeah...... He's figured out how to get body parts out of his diaper. I need to buy more onesies. And no I'm not talking about Sweet Husband. Hardy har-har, good one though.

9. Cullen thinks it's funny to pull my shirt down and shove his hand in it. I'm waiting on the day I flash a group of complete strangers.

10. Apparently I'm obsessed with braids. I wear one in my hair everyday. So please if you see me trying to get those tiny braids all over my head.. stop me. I get addicted to things easily.....

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