Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Don't Like...


1. Being bit on the fatty parts of my body. Today I have been bit 3 times on my sun burnt thighs. Do they just know where your juiciest parts are? Because that junk hurts.

2. Being hollered at from the bathroom and when you open the door there is a little behind stuck up in the air ready to be wiped. I can't wait until he masters that on his own.

3. Every time I sit down to eat a meal I'm asked to get back up to get something or fill up the cup I JUST filled up for 100th time that day or to get the Ranch dressing because we all know chicken fries aren't good without the Ranch.

4. Going outside to play. I like sitting in the nice cool house where I can keep them contained into this small space without fear that they'll run out into the road or come across a snake while venturing into the barn when my back is turned.

5. I don't like that shrill noise that is called screaming. It causes my head to throb and my ears to bleed. I'm already hard of hearing and now I think it's getting worse...

6. Waking up before 7 am.

7. Having to give half of my meal or my last debbie cake to someone with bright blue eyes that I can't say no to.

8. I miss keeping a clean house.

9. I don't like having to clean tee tee off of the floor, walls, bath mats, shower curtain, and/or children/parents.

10. I miss my sanity. Oh who am I kidding... I never had any of that.

Other than these reasons I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a mommy.
But I'm pretty sure that under this hair dye I'm going prematurely grey....
Thank Heavens for nap time ;)

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