Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I Loved


The Age of 5

1. Barbies. Anything Barbies. I use to make my brother play Barbies with me. I'd set up my whole Barbie grocery store and everything would be perfect. Then my sweet brother Michael would grab one of my Barbies and start knocking everything over while yelling, "EARTHQUAKE!!" He was so sweet.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I had a crush on Michelangelo. Yes, I did say crush. Hey, give me a break I was 5.

3. Skorts. Those suckers were so cool. They were like the mullets of attire. Lady like in the front, tom boy in the back.

The Age of 10

1. Somewhere around this age (not sure of the exact year) I fell in love with JTT, Devon Sawa, and Andrew Keegan. They were so beautiful. I would sit in my room and drool over my Tiger Beat magazines. It saddens me that girls these days don't even know who JTT is.

2. Of course I loved the Spice Girls. Baby Spice was my favorite. Such a great role model. I too wanted to wear tight short dresses and put my hair in little pigtails because I mean after all that's exactly what a baby spice should look like.

3. I still loved Barbies... a love that continued until I was 13. Of course was a closet lover. Only my next door bff and my mom knew that about me.

The Age of 13

1. White eyeliner. I'd line my whole eyes with it. It was terrible. Nobody stopped me. Mom, you should have stopped this.

2. Britney Spears. This was the year us girls would coordinate our plaid skirts, white knee highs, and little clips on the sides of our head. We were so hot.

3. Birkenstocks.... what a stupid trend.

The Age of 15

1. I got my first cellphone. Do you guys remember those Nokias that were the size of a brick? They were so big you couldn't even attempt to put it in your pocket? Well I loved that thing and I thought I was hot stuff being 15 with a cellphone. I guess now a days that would be old granny age for a cellphone user.

2. Pleather jackets. The shinier the better. And not fitted.. had to be baggy. I'd put that one on the worst fashion trends list.

3. Jesus Sandals. I wore those shoes

The Age of 17

1. Abercrombie and Fitch. Over priced clothes just because you can. I lived in that store. What a square.

2. All American Rejects were my favorite band that year.

3. Shiny lip gloss. Like so shiny you could see the sun reflect off of my lips from a mile away.

The Age of 20

1. CSI. I thought it was the best show ever invented. I'd sit and watch hours of it until I'd eventually freak myself out and convince myself that there was someone in the house where I worked. It was a very unhealthy love affair.

2. This was around the age I refused to wear shorts. I'd only wear jeans. How weird and uncomfortable was I?

3. Pointy shoes. Also uncomfortable.

The Age of 25

1. I've traded in my Barbies for hotwheels.

2. I don't feel the same way about JTT... he changed..

3. I now prefer black eyeliner.

4. I live in shorts.

5. I still have a crush on Michelangelo... come on guys he is soo cool!

6. And I'm totally about to bring the skort back into action. Just wait and see.. it's going to come back in style and you will all wish you had thought of it first.

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