Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Thursday {9}


1. Current food loves of the moment: Chips and Salsa, applesauce, and Coke Zero... all mixed together. I'm totally kidding. I haven't tried that... yet.

2. My mom bought me a 30 inch deep pool because I'm just spoiled like that. Okay, so she really bought it for the kids, but I only use it while they nap so I can get my tan on.  Or burn on. Whichever way you want to look at it.

3. As I was walking around holding Cullen today I didn't realize he was chewing on my necklace I made. Once I did realize I shoved my finger into his mouth and as he said "Nu huh, nu huh, nu huh" I dug 4 pearl beads out of his mouth.. 4, people! I guess I'll have to wait and see if he ate any... like panning for gold.

4. People still think Cullen is a girl.

5. The other day I walked around Walmart with my hands in my pockets and it wasn't a good 15 minutes later until I noticed my zipper was down. At least I had on pretty underoos. And you're welcome people at Walmart.

6. Today my kids quietly had a campfire in Slaten's room and took turns giving themselves tattoos. Look how surprised they were when I walked in.
See his leg tattoos?

All those toys there are the campfire.

7. I have cooked dinner every night this week and it wasn't hotdogs and no one got food poisoning. Success!

8. My new obsession is Tree Houses, but for me.. not the kids.

9. I wish muumuus were fashionable. 

10. I think the color Chartreuse has a stupid name.

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