Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dirt Kid Day

So this past weekend was Dirt Kid Day.
What is Dirt Kid Day?
Well allow me to tell you with some pictures so you grasp the awesomeness of the awesome day that is Dirt Kid Day.

We call all our best looking friends. The ones that truly know how to be fashionable.

That on the far right there is my brother in law and he is wearing "Party Pants". They actually say "Party Pants" across the hiney. Keeping it classy my friends.

The rest of the group minus a few.

We drive down to the local hardware store and buy 50 feet of plastic to attach to our slip n slide.

Then we push the kids out of the way and give it a try. They cry, we squeal with delight.

Someone comes up with the genius idea to use logs to hold the slip n slide down... things like this happen..

Yep, that'd be me. I hit the log.

There were water balloons thrown. Water guns shot. Yummy food ate. And lots and lots of bruises, cuts, and almost broken bones. It was an awesome time. I can't wait till next month when we do it again. Right now I'm going to continue to overdose on my ibuprofen.. apparently I'm not as young as I use to be...

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  1. My first comment just to say "I am so jealous!" It looks like y'all had an awesome time.